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Roy Hobbs World Series

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    Hey Tiff,

    Just checked out your blog on CheckSwing. Very cool! I signed up too.



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      Updated Blog

      Hi Kim,

      Glad you liked the blog. It's updated now, but I don't yet know the results of the semi-finals, so don't know who's headed for gold and silver. The Sabres (my team) are out. : (


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        I heard it's the Gems vs. New England for the final.

        My team had a chance to beat the Gems today, but we blew it... too many errors and walks.


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          NE 3, Gems, 0.

          Congrats to both teams, and to all the fine ladies I played with and against in the Roy Hobbs 2008 Women's Baseball National Championship.

          I just read that we may have a little snow in Spokane on Thursday night! Yikes... I'm drinking in my last few hours of Arizona sun and warmth, and already dreaming of next Spring!

          Best to all -- Stay health and play hard!



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            Hey, Tiff...

            How was the Grand? Which rims did you go to? I've been to the South Rim and the East Rim... need to get to the west and north. Isn't it amazing and spectacular? Did you get anywhere else? Monument Valley is another very cool, mystical place. Sedona also is a very cool and unique. The northen half of Arizona is just simply beautiful. It's by far the most beautiful state I've been to (haven't gotten to Hawaii yet or into much of Southern Utah). There's so much variety there.


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              Hi Tim
              I saw your message. I was a teammate of Shawn on the Danger but I'm retired now. We were both inducted into the Women's Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. You should google that site if you haven't all ready. I would be glad to send your daughter an autograph if you like. I didn't start playing baseball till I was 41. I had a great time. I've always been a baseball fan. Send me an address. My email is [email protected] Carol Sheldon


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