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    I have noticed something over the past couple of weeks, where do the rest of the good women's softball players go? I mean they can't all be on the same USA Olympic team. Where do the rest of them go. If there is a league and I think there might be, why isn't is publicized more?

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    Hi there!
    The National Pro Fastpitch league exists for softball ( for those who aren't lucky enough, quite good enough, or politically-connected enough to make it on the Olympic team. Others, like myself, go overseas to play -- primarily in Europe, although some go to Japan as well, and althought there is no pro ball in Australia, the Aussies play a high level of club ball in general. Many girls also do what I have done -- play fastpitch at the international levels then switch back to baseball. I played baseball until I was 15, then switched to FP (which I still love and admire), then switched back to baseball -- because I always loved the game and would have stayed with it if I'd been allowed to. Now there are a few opportunities (including tryouts for the National team) that have opened up in Baseball! Woo-hoo!
    Hope that helps?



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      Like Tiff said, those who aren't fortunate enough to make the Olympic team or a pro team can cross over to women's baseball.


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        Yeah I was just wondering because it doesn't seem that they get much publicity.


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          Here's the site of the organization that's going to hav esome kind of pro baseball opportunities for women soon...

          Click on the "Pro Opportunities" link. There's nothing there yet, but keep checking!


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            10 years ago...Ladies' Pro Ball

            Hi all!

            Was just surfing and found this blurb in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from almost exactly 10 years ago (July 9, 1998):

            Ladies Professional Baseball opened its second season yesterday. The six-team league includes the Long Beach Aces, San Jose Spitfires,Arizona Peppers, Buffalo Nighthawks, New Jersey Diamonds and Florida Legends.

            Does anyone know more about this? How did I miss this in my Female Baseball History 101 class? haha...

            Just curious, because as I was pitching and trying out for the Inland Northwest Mens' Baseball League (MABL/MSBL), two little boys were watching me intently. They said "Boy, you throw really hard." I replied, "Well, you know, Girls can play baseball, too." They both said, "Oh we know that! Our Auntie plays for the Arizona Chili Peppers." So of course, I had to look it up... and that's about all I found. Anyone have more info? Just curious.




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              San Jose Spitfires article

              Just found this:

              AWESOME article (although they do say the mound is 90' (!) away from the plate. There are a few pics too... very cool..

              Makes me very sad that we don't have this now, 10 years later.



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                I have a little info on what happend to the Ladies League but will have to post it later... as I just typed out an explanantion, but my computer sucks, so it got wiped out. I need to leave in a few minutes to go and keep score at a baseball game.


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                  From what I heard, The Ladies Pro Baseball League ended when its owner/organizer got busted for embezzlement or something like that. I heard it through the grapevine from various people and don't know a lot of details.

                  A former player of ours played in the league, and several other women who are playing baseball today played in the league. I never knew about the league until it had already ended.

                  Richard of the Arizona Cactus Wrens and Melanie Laspina of the California Women's Baseball League can fill you in more on it. Mel played in the league and Richard mentioned something to me about it.

                  Hopefully, we can get a women's pro league going again and take it further.


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                    Melanie Laspina of the California Women's Baseball League is a workhorse when it comes to women's baseball. She's very successful in how she runs the California league.


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                      She sure is. She's done a great job, and so has Amy of the Chicago Gems... not that many others haven't as well. I need to take pointers from them in starting a league here.


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