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  • Women who can hit

    I once saw a girl hit a ball over the fence, in softball, twice in one game. These were fences set for men's leagues. This girl was not big, like a lot of women softball players. She was average size. She just had a great swing.

    I've played softball for 25 years, and I've never seen a woman hit 2 dongs in one game like that. I think women are getting stronger.
    George Brett said it:

    “If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing you grandmother with her teeth out.”

    “Even today, if the Royals win six games all year, if they're going to go 6-156, I hope they beat the Yankees six times.”

    “A woman will be elected President before Wade Boggs is called out on strikes. I guarantee that.”

    “If I stay healthy, I have a chance to collect 3,000 hits and 1,000 errors.”

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    i never could hit a softball far, but in baseball I've hit the warning tracks at the stadiums. Never a home run thou. I swear I will hit at least one before I die LOL

    I knew a girl about 4 years ago that could hit homeruns out of a college baseball parks like it was easy.


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