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Marathons Lasting 20 or More Innings in Women's Baseball

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  • Marathons Lasting 20 or More Innings in Women's Baseball

    I am a member of the Marathon Seekers Group which is doing research to locate all baseball marathons lasting 20 or more innings. We have 648 so far on our List.

    But so far there are only four (4) from Women's Baseball.

    We are hoping that you may be able to help us find some of these games. We feel like we have only hit the tip of the Iceberg; we have only begun to scratch the surface.

    These marathons are very difficult to discover however.

    We are hoping that you can review the history of Women's baseball in your records to see if there may be such a game waiting to be discovered.

    We offer an Official Certificate to all those who report a new game to be added to the List.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Philip J. Lowry
    Author, Baseball's Longest Games

    LONGEST GAMES LASTING 20 INNINGS OR MORE IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER BY DECADE (648) - 174 won by home, 200 by visitor, 90 ties, 184 unknown or neutral site


    22 – Horlick Athletic Field, Racine, Wisconsin – 7/31/1947 – South Bend Blue Sox 4 Racine Belles 3 in 4:30 - 1456 fans.

    20 – Playland Park, South Bend, Indiana – 9/10/1948 – South Bend Blue Sox 3 Grand Rapids Chicks 2.

    22 – Marsh Field, Muskegon, Michigan – ?/??/1949 – Muskegon Lassies 1 Rockford Peaches 0 in 3:02, then Rockford 3 Muskegon 1 in 6 innings.


    20 – Parichy Stadium, Chicago, Illinois – 9/14/1954 – BlueBirds 6 Bloomer Girls 4 in 4:30, then Queens 5 Jewels 0 in 7 innings – 2nd game finished at 1:00 AM.

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    Since the National Girls Baseball League (a fast-pitch underhand softball league) is mentioned, please let me know if this game counts as well...

    The Parichy Bloomer Girls (the same Bloomer Girls of the National Girls Baseball League that played the 20-inning game in 1954) played a 22-inning thriller against the World Champion Cleveland Num-Nums at Parichy Stadium in Forest Park, Illinois on Saturday, July 30, 1938 before 3,000 fans. The Bloomer Girls lost the game 4 to 1. Mary Skorich was the winning pitcher for the Num-Nums. Maybelle Findlay of the Bloomer Girls held the Num-Nums scoreless for 20 innings and she struck out twenty and allowed sixteen hits...


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