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  • Originally posted by JettSixty View Post
    As a fan or a player?
    I meant to say as a fan


    • Nothing has changed about the game from when I played to now (both kids played in the last ten years). The routine is like MLB. Before the game there’s BP and fielding. It’s not uncommon to skip BP arriving Friday night for an away weekend series or a weeknight round trip game. Trips are by bus if under eight to ten hours.

      The fan’s seats are a lot closer to the field given the size of the stadium. At D1 programs that draw fans you want to be away from the drunk frat boys. They ride the opposing players. It can get real personal and offensive if it bothers you. From having played and being on the receiving end of it I’m amused. Knowing my kids would get it I never took it personally about them. After my son played the Big Ten championship in front of 25,000 Nebraska fans in Omaha he waved his hat to the fans behind the fence and thanked them for the entertainment. His team won. He said some of the stuff was so funny he had to stay focused on the game.

      When my son was twelve I took him to a Big East game. He maneuvered himself into the front row behind the backstop with two Louisville pitchers who were charting and gunning the day’s pitchers. He verballed to Louisville soon after. Louisville never knew.

      Before my son made a selection I went to college games and chatted with parents to find out about programs. Ask a parent about their kid and shut up. You hear interesting stories.

      I never showed up more than a half hour before a game unless my kids were playing and there was a parents pregame tailgate party. In a lot of college park’s there are grass areas to sit down the field lines or in the outfield. When my kids were playing I had season tickets around other parents. When I go to other games I sit or stand where I can around others who might want to talk baseball.

      My daughter played college softball. The only banter was between the players.

      Also, the price is right and the food is reasonably priced.
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