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    Hi, I'm looking to start up a backyard baseball league where the teams consist of five players and the playing field is more enclosed in. Overall, my aspiration is to have a Northeast league and have a president of each league. So to start I'm looking to find people in the Northeast who'd be interested in becoming a president of their state and jump starting the league. So if you're interested please leave a reply in this thread. Thank you.

    P.S. I live in New York state so I don't need a president for the New York league.

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    Its cool in concept but something like that I cant see ever happening. Not organized wise. Especially when you're talking about doing it by states. Maybe you might be able to get somethign going locally if you had a good amount of people.


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      Yeah if the teams were in different states it would be hard to get to games between teams. You should do it within a few cities in your state.


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