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I've lost all control when throwing.

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  • I've lost all control when throwing.

    I'm 16 and recently I just can't throw accurately at all. I have played baseball my whole life and would've always considered myself an above average defender until now. It's like something mentally is blocking me from rearing back and throwing it hard and accurately. Whenever I go to make a shorter throw, I end up short-arming the ball. I really need help because tryouts are soon and I've quite honestly been making a fool of myself. I have a good arm so I don't know what to do.

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    There is no easy answer to this, and I feel for you. Might I suggest finding a sports hypnotherapist to work with. Unless you have started to do something wrong with your mechanics, it is all about what's between your ears.

    Poor Steve Blass was one of the top 5 control pitchers in the Majors into the early 1970's. and then overnight he couldn't hit his spots any more. When he just threw down the middle of the plate, he was lit up. Steve Sax and Steve Garvey went through years of having throwing problems. When the Yankees came to town, you had to bring a glove if you sat down near first base, because Sax threw balls into the stands. Blass never recovered. He was threw with baseball. He went from 19 wins and an almost Cy Young to not being able to throw out a first pitch accurately.


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      I watched Sax and Knoblach and some other pros go through this. happened to me! I could easily make outfield throws or throws from short. I played 2nd and just couldn’t get it to first. Warming up before games became a chore.

      A couple things to think about. I am cured of all my yips and be sure you are doing some of these things. First is your grip on the ball. Make sure your thumb is not off to the side as it needs to be under the ball. Be sure you are pulling your glove in toward your arm pit as you rotate and be sure you turn your throwing hand back and you separate from the glove. Relax and throw the ball with whip from the top.

      Good of luck as it is a difficult problem to cure as it is part physical/technique and part mental. Relax and trust your throw.



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