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  • JustBats
    The M110 is going to be the most balanced swing weight of all of the standard turn models. There are some custom player models that will have a larger handle than the M110 but the M110 is the perfect balance between maintaining a large barrel and having a good sized handle. I might take a look at this Brett Bros Maple/Bamboo bat. The way its built it will last forever essentially and its that 110 turn model I would recommend. Definitely will have some pop as well. Let me know if you have any questions about it or any other bat!

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  • E-Six
    started a topic Bat suggestion

    Bat suggestion

    I grew up playing baseball in the ‘70s so wood bats were all we had. I played MABL and continued into MSBL using aluminum.....-5 bats with trampoline effect. 34 inch 29 oz. I also have a 33 drop 3.

    I had several wood bats I would use for fun and to stay sharp by hitting on the sweet sport so the aluminum would be even easier. I think the one I like best was a fat handle so probably an M110.

    Long story but but I have a beast of a wood bat that the pop is unreal. An old Johnny Bench Louisville that is 34” 37 oz. I used it in some games!!! I am only 5’10” 170lbs but this bat drives the ball. I got it as a gift when I was like 7 from a relative that didn’t know anything but bought a pro model.

    I tore my rotator cuff and am not playing anymore organized baseball or softball anymore. I am now 50 so not likely to join a 50 and over hardball team but I just might.

    My son plays little league and is 10. He plays majors and I have been hitting him fungos like a maniac. I realized I just love hitting with wood bats.

    I make my son pitch to me and love hitting. I want to get a wood bat again and had various bats in my 20’s-30’s but never paid attention to the turn/model. I am certain one must have been a M110 as it had a fat handle like 1”

    Anyhow, my question is this. My local stores don’t carry much to buy and not many size / models to look at. If a 271 is balanced. The T141 seems to have thicker handle and less barrel. M110 has more barrel and more handle. A P72 seems to have a similar handle to the 271 but more barrel.

    To get a decent bat i am likely to have to order online. When I hold a 271 it feels like I want more handle. So I think a T141 or M110 is what I want. Which turn feels fast but still solid? Like I said, it won’t be game tested but would like to get a model that is comfortable and has some pop. Any model suggestions?


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