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Parents who criticize AT the game

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  • Parents who criticize AT the game

    I enjoy reading the posts here as a way to connect with other parents and have a great respect for parents who coach their kids and enjoy the game. I have never been able to coach because of work commitments. We are On a travel ball team this year that’s coached by the owner of a hitting school.
    This is our first year doing travel ball. We subbed last year for about 3 weeks . That was an ok experience because the team was used to being together and were not very welcoming to my son. He mainly played outfield but his true passion is pitching and short.
    This year the team is an 11u with 9-12 year olds in it. The owner gives pretty much anyone who will pays him a chance to play. He’s a good salesman.Good Coach But Terrible businessman.
    Anyway this past season has been so enlightening as parents of a pretty average kid with other pretty average kids on the team. We mainly joined to develop our son and give him a chance to shine with an independent coach instead of a DAD coach.

    OMG this last weekend we did a tournament. 4 games total in Deleware. I figured our regular coach would be at the game and he would field the positions as we usually practice giving everyone a good inning where they are infield and a few innings in the outfield. The talent is pretty wide spread so you see the standouts right away vs the younger less experienced kids.
    It seemed he couldn’t make the games so he sent in 2 college age kids with a piece of paper about batting order and placement.
    I mentioned my son loved to pitch. The whole tournament he played left field . At no time did these coaches coach the kids move them into position or give any sound advice except when they were base running. The infield never moved same guys whole tournament with exception of pitchers and catchers.
    My son was devastated and very bored as he only fielded a few balls and was backing up plays but no real action when he was in. He sat and the fly balls came only not on his watch. Sadly he was down about this.
    I decided to visit this with the coach. When we got back we played on Tuesday night and Wednesday we had practice. I approached the coach at practice . He always said he has an open door policy.Ha The conversation went well and I didn’t feel like I was over stepping by asking for more mound time as he has pitched before. The two college coaches never keep a book in fact the only book that’s kept is by the owner/ coach and some times he is sending in strangers college kidsto coach. When he said he would coach. Frustrating for sure!
    So this weekend my son got a shot to pitch in the last inning of the last game on Sunday of our weekend tournament. He’s not a huge velocity pitcher but dead on accurate and rarely walks a batter or even hits one. He did great struck out one and the other 3 hits they fielded easy pop ups and grounders. He did great! We were leaving the game and a dad ( let’s call him Chris A) was over heard saying “the coach should not pitch him cause his MOM complained. He pitches to slow and isn’t very good. “
    A teammates dad soon was in a spitting contest with ChrisA about pitching and fielding and everything in between. We lost all our games that weekend so it’s not like we have stellar talent . They all make mistakes.
    I have to go to our next game and face this jerk. My husband wants to plant one right in his face! He’s pretty average he’d-probably crap his pants.
    My question is what or how should we handle this or even should it be addressed???? This guys son is average and his pitching consists of walks and balls hitting the back stop . He’s not that good either so it’s shocking his father would go there.

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    Tune out the the troublesome parents. Bring a lawn chair so you can pick where you want to sit rather than the stands. You might have to teach your son to tune out some of their teammates. The worst parents who are talking in the stands are typically having the same conversation with their kids in the car.

    I believe kids would have have more fun playing sports if parents would stop telling them they’re not having fun.


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      Exactly ! Well said ! His son is in tears usually after a game so that’s exactly what’s going on! Too bad ! Before this we all got along on the team!


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