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    Hi all, anyone know cost of playing with arsenal? Our son tried out for 15u recently and they are interested, but we are trying to decide where to put him

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    I don’t know what the cost is now. Arsenal recruited my son every year from 14u to 17u. But 17u was nine years ago. It wasn’t just the fee for playing for the team. There was a major expense for required lessons and year round monthly facility fees. If you’re not on the A team you’re wasting your money. Also, being on the A team before 17u doesn’t mean you’re going to be on the 17u A team and play D1. In my son’s age group only four of the 13u A team made the 17u A team.

    My son found Arsenal players to be so arrogant the first couple of years he preferred to play against them than for them. At 16u and 17u Arsenal A team players were more normal. The players who could play and were legit college prospects were remaining. They didn’t act like a bunch of chimpanzees in the dugout.

    Add: Arsenal has been sold by the Barths since I’ve been involved coaching baseball.
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