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  • JettSixty
    First, the word on the street” are often rumors started by people not in the know as much as other people believe them to be. At our high “school we had The Jury. These four rec and Junior Legion coaches thought they knew it all including more than the coach. What they didn’t know was how much baseball they didn’t know. They stood together together passing judgement on the coach every game. Of course they passed their valuable opinions to less knowledgeable parents in the stands. Their kids were mediocre high school players. Once they graduated the team started winning conference championship

    A kid should play his summer ball where he’s going to get the most instruction and development. I would never change high schools over sports. My son was recruited to a couple of baseball dominant privates. It didn’t make sense to me to leave a highly regarded public school to pay 12k per year (half scholarship) for privates that didn’t have better academics than his highly regarded public school..

    The future is about a forty year plan that starts with education not baseball. Yes, most of college baseball recruiting is done through travel ball. What often happens is college coaches call the high school coach to talk about citizenship and staying on top of things academically. But talking about college ball when a kid is looking at 14u is wasting time and energy for 99.5% of kids who haven’t played high school ball yet. Focus on being the best player possible. Focus on speed, strength agility and skill development. If a kid becomes a college prospect the right travel teams to get him there will pursue him.
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  • Raydio
    100% go to the program that you feel you have the greatest chance to succeed and the one that gives you most exposure.

    as a college recruiting coordinator, I can tell you first hand colleges rarely come to watch you HS games. They are too busy in their own season. The schools recruit mostly during the summer ball season.

    So play summer travel with whatever team gives you the best chance to play in front of those college programs.

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  • tdgator
    started a topic Help with travel ball decision

    Help with travel ball decision

    I could use some advice about our current travel ball situation. My son is in 8th grade playing 14U travel ball with the current high school coach that he will be going to next year. Things have not gone great. He went into a slump and the coach has lost confidence in him. Also, this coach is highly unorganized and does not seem to put much effort into this team since he has his high school teams to worry about. Word on the street is he will not be the high school coach much longer. Who knows if this is the case.

    He tried out for another 14U travel team and did really well. The coach is the head coach at another high school and really wants him on the team. The coach is also highly regarded.
    Tryouts for his current team are this weekend.

    Our dilemma is-
    1) Do we switch teams and go with a good coach who really wants to coach our son, but risk him possibly not playing as much as the other kids that are actually going to go to that high school and risk pissing off the coach of the high school he is zoned for?
    2) Stick with the current team since it is affiliated with his high school and hope that things get better?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We keep going back and forth on this one.

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