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  • Glove recommendation?

    My son is getting a bit more serious about baseball (he's 12) and I wanted to get him a new glove for his birthday. He's been using one that seems a bit too "kiddy" for him, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or a brand that they recommend? I want him to learn how to play all different positions, so something that would work for the infield and outfield. Thanks!

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    Hi! For a 12 year old who wants to play all positions I would recommend taking a look at a glove between 11.5" and 11.75". I think a smaller fit would be good (unless he's a bigger kid). A great option is the Wilson A900 Pedroia Fit 11.5" Baseball Glove: WTA09RB20115PF. It has a smaller wrist opening that a youth glove that is a great option for most 12 year olds. Let me know if you have any questions!


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      Awesome, looks great! Thanks for the help!


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        Originally posted by JARHOFF11 View Post
        Awesome, looks great! Thanks for the help!
        No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions!


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          Depends on your price range- a 11.75 or 12 inch with i or h web or trapeze (some kids hate this so check w him first) would be good
          under $50- Rawlings Pro Select - a top seller on Amzn. soft- easy to break in- good looks- wide variety. 12inch Bryce Harper
          under $100- Rawlings R9 is meant for youth and are soft- easy to break-in, nice padding-smooth buttery leather, Wilson A900, A950 (seems like a Dicks special), A1000, Rawlings GG Elite (Dicks) are all youth focused
          There's a special on A2000 11.75 for $150 on justball glove- just google it
          $250-$350- Wilson A2000, A2K, Rawlings HOH, Nokona (don't remember the model) all have youth options


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            For 12 year-olds, infielders use 11" - 11.75" gloves, pitchers use 11.5" - 12" and outfielders use 11.75" - 12".5. That all being the case, I'd consider an 11.5" - 12" glove for someone looking to find his niche. Look for a glove with an H web or a closed web. I wouldn't spend a lot at this stage because he may prefer a different size or web a year from now. Also, expensive gloves require significant break-in which isn't necessary at this stage. I'd also avoid gloves with a heel cutout for a 12 year old.

            I believe an A500 is an outstanding glove for around $60. The Rawlings Select Pro Lite series gloves are also very good in the same price range.


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              I recommend Wilson A2K gloves, it's super durable. Soft and flexible, it feels very comfortable to put on.
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                I agree with much of what's been said but want to add a few additional thoughts. You don't say what size glove he presently uses. I suggest moving to a glove in the range discussed but don't add more than 1/2" to what he has. Also, look for a glove with 80% or more factory break in so he'll be able to use it almost immediately. Gloves with more player break in allow the player to customize but that's not of value for a 12 year old who plays multiple positions.

                Webbing is also important. Given his interest in fielding (middle infield and outfield) I'd go with web options in this order H-web, Trapeze web, Closed or Basket web. Avoid an I-web or a Single post.

                Gloves I like include the Rawlings R9 and Select Pro Lite, the Wilson A500, and the Mizuno Select 9.


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