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Does a more expensive bat make a difference?

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  • Does a more expensive bat make a difference?

    I'm looking for a new bat, and I really like the Louisville slugger 2021 meta (500$). But I'm wondering how does it compare to a 250 dollar bat? How much does the performance differ?

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    All bats have to meet BBCOR standards. Exit speed can’t exceed a certain velocity. A more expensive bat is probably built better and will last longer. But as a kid grow chances are he’s changing his bat every year.

    When a player gets to college ball they don’t get to choose the brand of bat. Teams have sponsor deals. That’s the brand the player has to use. If there was a significant difference every college would use the same brand.
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      I'll take exception to part of that. Perhaps with bat sponsorships, the money is too small to make a difference, but many such sponsorship deals are straight up bribes. I can't speak to the merits of the various bat companies, but sometimes the sponsored equipment is inferior. I'm sure many will remember the Winter Olympics debacle with the Under Amour speed skating suits. I also remember the Martina HIngis sponsorship deal that shortened her career:
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        The Hingis situation is anecdotal to the big picture. A handful of situations doesn’t change the truth from adequate sampling sizes. As for the equipment deals with colleges, they’re not small potatoes. They’re major money for the athletic program and the coaches. UCLA had a 15 year, 280M dollar deal with UA. They had an out. They took it after several years and signed a bigger deal with Nike.


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