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Is his performance not that impressive or am I missing something (RHP Shaun Gamelin)

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  • Is his performance not that impressive or am I missing something (RHP Shaun Gamelin)

    Here's something that left me with more questions than answers:

    With Rhode Island College this year, pitcher Shaun Gamelin struck out 42 batters in 18 2/3 innings—that’s more than 20 per nine frames — then he went to play summer ball with the New England Collegiate League’s Ocean State Waves … and had 32 Ks in 15 innings. In case you’re counting, that’s 74 strikeouts in 33 2/3 innings overall, or 19.8 per nine frames, or more than two per inning, on average. In 2020, he had 7 strikeouts in 3 innings and in 2019, 64 strikeouts in 37 innings between two teams. The 5’ 9” hurler never played for baseball powerhouses—his schools, Rhode Island College and Fitchburg State University have produced just one major leaguer (Jim Siwy) between them—and he went undrafted, but a big league club better give him a call. I think they’re missing out.


    How did he receive no attention from a big league club? Has no one even scouted him? Are the team's he played for so weak or unnotable that they're not worth paying attention to? What am I missing? I know he's not of optimal height, but so was Danny Herrera, and he made the major leagues.

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    Here are his full stats, not just his K rates:

    Also remember he is not playing in a major conference.
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      Maxed out body, short, can he touch 90+?
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        First, the Little East Conference is a very good D3 conference. They typically have at least three top twenty five teams. But it is D3. Gamelin is 5’9” 210. So, he can’t be physically built up more. He has a beard. Chances are he’s physically maxed out. We don’t know what his velocity is. Chances are it’s 88-90. It’s fast for D3 and hand picked spots in the NECBL. But, in the prospect world it’s ordinary. A right handed pitcher needs to be 92-95 with room for physical development. We also don’t know what the spin rate is on his pitches. He was a junior this past season. If he’s 90+ chances are he will be drafted late or signed as a free agent senior year to be single A roster filler.

        Add: I found an article saying he is being scouted and touches 95. It means he’s likely usually at 93. The competition and size is an issue. Most major college pitchers coming out of the pen throw mid nineties. They’re proving themselves against better competition every week. Gamelin will get his shot. But it will be a long shot.

        There are only twenty rounds to the draft now. If not drafted he will be signed. Keep in mind 84% of American MLBers are drafted in the first ten rounds. Another 10% are from rounds 11-20. After round twenty you're likely just pissing into the wind with a dream.
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