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    my father bought my 15 yr old son a new bat (he made the school team), i know about fitting your kid with what feels comfortable to him, so he comes home with a $389.00 TPX Catalyst (green) composite he feels comfortable with it, any feedback on this bat? i hit with it and its pretty wild almost jacked a homer never did it in high school! Still love wood bats though, also he practice's with a same size bamboo bat has been for years, any feedback thanks, Bill

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    It's a good bat with lots of pop but the sound isn't the greatest. After a lot of use it starts to lose its pop but it's a good bat all around.
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      $389.00 for a baseball bat!?! I bought one for $19.99 and it works fine.


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        Go Yanks

        I agree with Phillies Fan. The Catylast loses its pop after awhile. A kid on my team has one and it happened to his. I have used my Exo for 3 years, and it still is like new.
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          Yea I sent my 32" dynasty back and got the brand new 2009 33" Omaha. I also ordered the 2009 CF3 black.
          If/when the catalyst starts to lose its pop you can dent it with a water logged ball and then send it back and I think they should send you the Triton. You can either try and sell the Triton on eBay or keep it and give it a whirl. If you get around $200 for it I HIGHLY recommend the Omaha it has a lot of pop and it's fairly cheap compared to the "high-end" bats. In my opinion it's just as good as the exo.
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          "I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball." - Pete Rose


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