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How do you "manage" your equipment?

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  • How do you "manage" your equipment?

    Looking for opinions on "baseball etiquette" with regard to equipment. Is there such a thing?

    For instance, if you bring your own bat, should you expect other players on the team to start using it now simply because it is available?

    If you don't expect others to use your equipment, is there an age at which this happens?

    With the price of good bats easily between one and three hundred dollars I'm curious how players are approaching this.

    At the upper levels they're selling sleeves to reduce the wear and tear on your bat during practices. At the lower levels, kids are swinging bats into backstops for the fun of it.

    It seems like it'd be easy to come across like the grinch who stole Christmas while those who don't buy their own equipment can sit back and just let the other players or players parents foot the bill.

    How do you protect your investment in your equipment?

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    I tell my players and players parents that there will be absolutely no sharing of personal equipment helmets, bats, or gloves at any time period, unless pre-authorized by me and both parents. (for example if two parents want to split the cost of a bat) This way parents or kids are not put in the position of having to say no, I do it for them.
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      Thanks for your reply Coach Scotty.

      I was surprised by the previous lack of comments by anyone. I assumed this meant that most didn't care if their equipment was used by the team.

      With the high cost of equipment and the high regard with which some hold for it, I hoped to hear from more players and coaches alike.

      I commend you for taking the approach you have. Our parents have the choice of letting their kids use the equipment provided or purchasing their own. The kids are free however, to pick up and use whatever equipment they'd like. This leaves little incentive for some parents to purchase their own equipment or instruct their kids to use the equipment provided by the league.


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