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Use of Wood Bats in Jr-Sr High Baseball

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  • Use of Wood Bats in Jr-Sr High Baseball

    I hope there are some Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association(PIAA) coaches from out there who can help answer this question.

    My 13 year old son played his first middle school game yesterday. He's in 7th grade. I was able to get to the game in time to see his last atbat. He has been using wood in practice since December, either a LS 32-30 M110 or a SAM 32-29 MMO. During his last AB, I saw him using a metal bat. At dinner, I asked him if he had decided to use a metal bat from now on. He told me he wanted to use one of his wood bats, but the umpire told him before the game that using a wood bat was against PIAA rules.

    I'd never heard of this, and have tried to find such a rule on the PIAA web site. I can't find any rules, let alone rules about baseball bats. Can any Pennsylvania school coaches out there help provide some info?

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