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4 Year School, JUCO, or Minor Leagues? Help Me!!!

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  • 4 Year School, JUCO, or Minor Leagues? Help Me!!!

    I have a nephew that is a senior in high school this year. He is being heavily recruited for baseball by 4 year Universities, JUCO schools, and has been told by a few scouts he will probably be drafted. The 4 year schools are all top DIV II schools, the JUCO's are pretty much the top schools and all have made recent appearances to the JUCO World Series. The draft is something new to us and we are thinking he will be a late rounds draft pick. (2nd day)

    I played college baseball 18 years ago and things have changed drastically. I am trying to help his dad and him make the best decision.

    Can anyone offer any insite on this issue? I can give details upon replies.
    I just want the best for him education and baseball wise. He possesses special talents (speed and strength) that are rare, and is a great kid and student. You might say I am little protective, but my interests are golden.

    He was also recruited for QB in football and turned down at least 8 offers.

    We dont need info on which college to choose etc., but more about the draft, playing in the minor leagues versus going to college for free?

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    Depending on where he would go in the draft there is signing money and also college money. They offer college money because they know that is an important decision factor. If the signing bonus is large enough the player can invest it and have a large advantage financially if things don't work out and can go to college then.

    So... "it depends" on the position in the draft and any upfront money that can be give or worked at exit. And remember, if he is good enough to go into the draft now, he will probably be in a better position after college or a few years into it. I'm not sure how much of that money is there and maybe only for the first round draftees.

    I played a year and a half in the minors but did not get much signing or any college money. When things did not work out I went into the military to get my college money.


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      I have heard the border line is around the 15th round of the amateur draft. That is where the money drastically changes including money for school.

      But that is only hearsay. We dont have any real data to back that up.

      The scout from the Cardinals told him probably around the 20th round. We haven't heard from him since.

      I have heard that if you are drafted in the first 10 rounds, an agent will call you? I have also heard that if you are going to go in the first 5 rounds, and agent has already called you? Do you have any info on this?
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        Originally posted by CoachHenry View Post
        And remember, if he is good enough to go into the draft now, he will probably be in a better position after college or a few years into it.
        Very good point there. IMO, most late round selections (that are HS players) are better off going to school for a year or two. Like CH said, if you're good enough in high school, your chances of getting drafted higher will only get better if you have a few more years of development, not to mention a better chance to showcase yourself against better competition.

        Plus if it pro ball doesnt work out, he will always have some education to fall back on. Two years in a Juco should net him an AA or AS, which is always good to have no matter what happens.

        Depending on how aggressive the team is about signing him, sometimes players can wring some money for education out of the team and they can take classes in their free time/offseason.

        You're right about the 15th round being a general "rule of thumb" for the money drop off. At that point it usually gets very small for players. But that can always vary to some degree as to how aggressive a team is on signing, and how serious a kid is towards signing.

        Sorry I can't give you any info on the agents, as I have no experience there. My friends that have been drafted signed either had an "advisor" for some time or had none at all. I can't say about the timetable for contacts


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