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    I ice my arm about everyday after practice and games even when I don't pitch. It seems like it hurts my arm to throw from the outfield but I could pitch for hours. This is the first year my arm has ever hurt after throwing. I assume it is because I am throwing at least 10 mph faster this year. My team calls me the "rubberarm man" because of how long I can throw without tiring. Since I don't ever play other than to pitch and it sometime hurts to throw from the outfield should I ask my coach to not put me there during practice? What is the proper way to ice? A friends dad who was a minor leaguer back in the day told me about the Dixie Cup method, ever heard of it?

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    Arm hurts

    The reason your arm hurts when you throw from the outfield amd not when you pitch is because you are probably throwing all arm. When you pitch you drive and follow through with your legs. When you are throwing from the outfield, you don't use your legs as much.
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      The dixie cup method is good. Fill some cups full of water and freeze them.
      After they're frozen, peel some of the cup away and massage the ice into the sore part of your arm.

      The massaging helps push the cold deeper into the tissue and help with the inflammation more effectively.


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        thank you both. You are probably right about my arm because i have never needed to use a crow hop so i never do. Obviously i should start using it.


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