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9th batters rule

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  • 9th batters rule

    Just wondering does other country also like mine, that introduced 9th batters' rule?

    9th batters' rule
    For every half inning, the max. players that can at-bat is 9, when the 9th batter at-bat, if he receive a "walk/HBP/catcher interference", all runners on base will advance 2 bases.

    This rule will apply on some amateur leagues (lower level grade I mean), anyone one ever heard that?
    If u country also use that rule, which "grade" will this rule apply?

    Thanks in advance.

    Rex Wan

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    My team uses a variation at our annual softball tournament. The 10th batter of the inning can only advance the runners, then the inning is over. If he gets a BB/HBP he gets a free hit tossed by a member of his team.

    I haven't seen the rule in any level of league play however.


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      I'll be quite honest, I've never ever heard of this rule being applied at any level of baseball


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        Our League uses a 10 batter rule in the 8 and 9 yr olds if you reach the 10th batter in an inning before 3 outs are made the innning ends after the 10th batter


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