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ITT: Try to glorify your playing days

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  • ITT: Try to glorify your playing days

    Summary of my career, while trying to dress it up ha ha:

    - 2002 Little League City Champ [while being the #2 pitcher on the team]
    - Member of Varsity High School team in 2007, 2008, 2009 [soph, junior, senior]
    - Career .190 hitter with 1 home run
    - Led the Conference in pick offs/innings pitched in 2008 and 2009 [though I can't quantify this...I'd say I had about a half dozen pick offs both years in 10-12 IP per season]
    - #Finished 3 in state for Big League team in 2009, was team captain, hit .400+ in tournament

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    Played a lot of whiffleball and some softball, but I've never played a game of hardball in my life. Wonder if I'm the only one here?

    "Can't anybody play this here game?" -- Casey Stengel


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      I got a hit off future AL rookie of the year Dave Righetti in JC ball

      I played in consecutive games in which we lost 17-2 to the 10th place team in a 10 team league (we were 15-3 and second) and the next day we won a game and our knuckleball pitcher pitched a perfect game against a much better team

      That same year (sophomore - JV) in another game we had our first 7 batters up in the first inning score to lead 7-0, we lost 10-7

      I got picked off twice in the same game off third base by a LH (think about that) and escaped both times in run downs - colt league age 16
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        I never liked little league much, but I always liked playing ball at the local schoolyard with people from the neighborhood.


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