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  • Poor Umpiring!

    Get this.

    Our team was down and probably wasn't going to win, but here's the rub.

    Manager went up to the mound for a visit with the pitcher and infield, 11U -USSSA tournament in Kingwood Texas. Our opponet is an aggressive base running team, often cocky and arrogant on the bases, at times bush league. But, on this play the third baseman covertly grabbs the ball from the pitcher during the huddle. Pitcher never adresses batter and stays 2 feet behind the rubber.

    Third basemen tags the runner out, who was 3 foot off the bag. Umpire calls a balk and awards home plate. Had 15 minutes of game time left. Run ruled us 8 runs up after 4 innings. This was actually run 7, but it would have gotten us out of the inning and prevented the death nail 8th run. Umpire refuses to look at rule books, which clearly states what the rule is. Further, the umpire states that if we bring the rule book out and show it to him, he was going to eject our coach.

    We've come back and scored 9 runs in one inning when we are hot, but now I am hot under the collar.

    What arroagance!

    Screw USSSA if this is what they got for umpires. Refused to look at the rule, and then said they would eject coach if we brought out the book. After the game, we approached the ump with the book, then he said "he believes us, and still refused to look at it."

    The umpire didn't like being shown up. Shortly after that play, next half inning, he called our runner out stealing third before the ball was even cought by the third baseman. The runner was clearly safe, tagged on the buttocks after feet were already at the bag.

    So, how do you handle this, knowing you'll be seeing the clown-act of umpiring again tomorrow?

    First time we've ever used the hidden ball trick.... Maybe if we pay higher entry fees we'll get better umpiring.
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    I could be wrong but I believe the ump was correct. If the pitcher had the ball when time was called, doesn't he have to have the ball when play resumes? The hidden ball trick is when the player never returns the ball to the pitcher and waits for the player to take a lead.
    Again, maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.
    I also would toss anyone for pulling out the rulebook. That's what protests are for.
    As for the tag out at third; its shameful if the ump was biased due to a protest.


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      Originally posted by Dakai View Post
      I could be wrong but I believe the ump was correct. If the pitcher had the ball when time was called, doesn't he have to have the ball when play resumes?
      Right, but it shouldn't have been a balk; the umpire should never have resumed play without seeing the pitcher on the rubber with the ball in his hand.

      "Can't anybody play this here game?" -- Casey Stengel


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        College World Series. LSU vs UC Irvine. Time called. second baseman had the ball. pitcher on the dirt.

        USSSA rules: Pitcher may not be stradeling rubber or contacting rubber. No mention of dirt. Heck, half the mounds we use are made of plastic or foam with no dirt circle at all. I suppose that's why they worded the rule the way they did. Rule 8.05.


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          Ya it was the whole "covertly grabbed" part that made it illegal. Sounds like they had it right in the CWS.


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            There had to be time called for the coach to be on the mound - but if the homeplate ump called time in before the pitcher got back on the mound - I think the runner could be called out (and since the runner WAS off the base, it sounds like the umpire did in fact give the "play ball sign"). It's a tough call that a "humble" ump might have at least checked the rule book.
            But the bigger issue here is the ump held a grudge and the balance of fairness was skewed. It sounds like the ump was "shown up" and didn't like the coach's aggressive nature.

            Here is a suggestion that might help the next time. Call time out, walk one-on-one with the ump and whisper in his ear if he could check your argument against the rulebook. Make it seem like it's his idea! I've used this style with primadonna umps and it has worked!!! Sometimes these guys get this power-ego - like they're cops or something - and any public confrontation or challenge is interpreted as a threat!


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              pretty sure the ball has to be put back in play before you can use do something like that....


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                Pulling a rule book out on an umpire is one the quickest ways to get ejected. You sound like a rookie. You don't show up the umpire. Your best bet is to orally refer to the section in the rule book. Then you protest. In tournaments we played, in games under protest the games would stop until a director made a decision.

                Relax.This is 11U. The umpires are as skilled as your players or better. If your son is still playing in high school you better get a prescription for sedatives. Do you know who's available at 3:30 in the afternoon? 65+ year old guys who refuse to wear glasses.
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                  Our coach in college learned not to do that the first time he brought the rule book out; he had it taken away from him and was ultimately ejected.

                  The 2nd time he looked up the section he was referring to and told them they were more willing to look into his beef


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