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  • Road trip advice wanted

    My son's 10u team is plotting out going on a two overnight road trip for a tourney about 3 hours away. I'm going, but my wife has to work. The plan would be for my son and I to share a room at the motel.

    But here's the rub. Some of the boys' parents can't make the trip due to other commitments and are going to send the boys unaccompanied.

    I trust all the other parents but I don't know if they trust me or each other as much. There aren't any perverts in the group I guarantee we won't have any Mepham High School or the alleged Sandusky/Fine situations, but in this age people are so afraid of their own shadows and the unknown that there could be false accusations too, purposeful or unwitting.

    The upshot is that I'd like to arrange it so there isn't the slightest possibility of anything going awry at the motel, including a false accusation that could ruin an innocent dad just for trying to help out a teammate's parents.

    What should we do at the motel? Have boys in their own rooms? Have a dad with a son share with an unaccompanied boy? Just take our chances? Avoid the tournament b/c the boys are too young? Leave the unaccompanied boys home?

    Or do I just worry too much?

    My thought was to try to get adjoining motel rooms with a pass through, so there would always be at least two dads present at all times with any unaccompanied boy who could be witnesses to each other's behavior. To have trouble then would require a major conspiracy of either false accusations or covering up, and that's not happening.

    Any advice out there, especially from the lawyer dads who have been involved?


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    At 10U I would et rooms with two beds and two cots. Place a parent and three kids in each room or two and two. You can't leave ten year olds unsupervised.

    We didn't do overnights until 13U. The kids were in barracks with the coaches. At 14U with players sharing rooms without supervision we had some minor problems.


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