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    First post at baseball-fever. I have a 7 year old boy who has two years of organized ball under his belt now. Kids are great. Through him I have rediscovered baseball. We have lots of fun playing catch and working on hitting. Baseball has perhaps passed football as my favorite sport this year.

    But enough introductions. I am thinking about taking my son to Williamsport for the international & US championships this Saturday. How hard is it to get seats? How early do you have to line up to get in the stadium? Is the outfield lawn OK for watching a game? I don't want to drive 6 hours roundtrip for nothing.

    Thanks for any experience you can share with us.

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    Thought I would answer my own question after going up for the day yesterday. We got there right around noon. The ticket office had opened at 9AM and all seats for the day were long gone. Don't let those empty seats you see on ESPN fool you. I would guestimate about a 10% noshow rate even with all tickets taken. Empty seats in the stadium do not mean available tickets.

    By now the standing room directly behind the outfield was packed also. Fortunately sitting on the top of the sliding hill was available, and the view was good enough. Lots of families who love baseball were around with kids of all ages. Good company for both parents and children everywhere you turn. It was very easy for kids to meet up for playing catch or just running around. All in all a great time.

    A few random thoughts that might come in handy if you ever go to the LLWS.
    1. Traffic! Bumper to bumper about 6mi south of the stadium.
    2. One local said hotels were sold out 30 minutes north to 45 minutes south of town.
    3. Another local said all the lawn seats fill up if a team closeby is still in the tournament.
    4. The official LLWS parking is free. Plenty of locals on the main street offer spaces for $5.

    That's it About 6 hours of driving roundtrip, and it was totally worth it. Really easy drive and lots of fun watching the Cali/Tennessee homerun derby, playing catch with my son, and meeting folks.


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      Sounds like a great time, thanks for posting. My wife an I have added the LLWS to our bucket list.

      We watched the first 5-2/3rds of the CA/TN game before our local affiliate dumped out of the game right after CA tied it. You got to see an incredible game.


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