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    I am mainly referring to small diamond ploayers. Lots of conversations exist regarding keeping the pitchers safe but nearly nothing about the catchers. With the season closing down, well for the Northern states, it is time to review what changes should be initiated for catchers. This is especially the case with high temperatures and humidity. How do you determine when a catcher has had enough or too much? What are your thoughts on catching double headers? What limitations do you set for a catcher? How much down time between seasons should be given? Between games? Let's get a conversation started of positive thoughts on this topic. Share your experiences and biases in a helpful manner.

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    Good questions, but I don't think there are any simple solutions. By that I mean every game is different and the kids too. Sometimes a game goes smooth and maybe they haven't thrown to 2nd but a time or two. Other games they're worn out by the 2nd inning. Heat and humidity do come into play down south, I wish there were improved designs in helmets for the kids in regards to cooling. As for knowing when a catcher has had enough that's what knowing your players and being aware of what is happening comes into play. No different than knowing when you running back is tired or injured and needs to sit.
    I don't know how you can even think to enforce time off between seasons with all the diff leagues around, plus parents who won't abide by it anyways. I do think it's wise to rotate catchers as much as possible to give them a break.


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      Why not pick an issue for discussion? How about the differences in the primary and the secondary positions?


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        It appears that there is not enough interest about this topic to continue. Adios.


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