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What is your impression of the NJBL?

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  • What is your impression of the NJBL?

    League travel ball for the younger kids on Long Island is pretty much the NJBL.

    What does the panel think about it? My impression is that there are things that can be done better.

    Namely the schedule should come under better control by central management, and there should be more access to lit fields to ease scheduling problems. Last year, my kid's team ended up forfeiting a playoff game because of an unresolvable conflict with a previously scheduled championship game in another competition.

    The difficulty is that NJBL scheduled its game on short notice for a single weekday and provided no chance to change it though both sides were willing, and then left it up to us to find a night field on 24 hours notice, which is next to impossible since the field permits aren't easily found on line and the public officials responsible for the permitting don't want to deal with individual teams. They want to deal with leagues. When the NJBL management wasn't willing to do that for us, it left us between a rock and a hard place with no field to find.

    Also, as an independent league, the NJBL doesn't feed into the National Youth tournament. It should. The thousand or more teams that play in the league should have an opportunity to make that big national competition without having to travel across state lines to find a qualifier.

    Any other comments more than welcome.
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