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Fence Height? Little League Field

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  • Fence Height? Little League Field

    I have a Little League 10-12 year old field that has a 190' distance down the line.

    The field was 200' all the way around. Town built a community center adjacent to the right field fence that required the right field pole to move in 10'. The fence is still a 4' chain link all the way around.

    There is a walkway between the building and the right field fence. The building also has the concession stand window about 5' from the fence, so a taller fence would both help with the reduced distance and to protect the spectators at the stand.

    Little League states that a min of 4' and a max of 6' fences are to be used.

    I'm thinking of putting a 6' fence for a few feet to protect the stand/building. Also adding some netting over and beyond the fence too.

    Anyone done this before?

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