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Bat Choking for beginners?

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  • Bat Choking for beginners?

    Is it recommended to choke a bat for beginners? What does choking a bat really benefit? This will be my first full season playing youth baseball (played 2 half seasons with high school). I just played my first game but struck out twice. I was using a softball 34 inch metal bat. So today, I went to the store and bought a 32 inch Ash Bat. The store workers told me it's a better use because it's good for contact.

    So should I choke the bat? If so how much will it benefit by?

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    Choking up changes the leverage of the bat. The reason to choke up would be facing a pitcher that's faster than you can handle holding the bat at the knob. The smarter thing to do would be use a lighter bat against this type of pitcher.

    Who told you choking up is good for contact? Some guy who played baseball in 1940. Do you want to make contact and ground out. Our do you want to drive the ball and get on base?


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      wrong forum


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