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    Hello all members. I was recommended by another valued member of this site about the large amount of parents on this website that may be willing to help my project. I was required to join to make this post, and I hope this does not offended anyone since this is my first post on the website. If it does, I apologize. To progress with my project, I want to tell you guys a little about myself. I'm currently a junior baseball player at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, and I am conducting a research project for my marketing research course on pitchers wearing protective headgear. I am looking to survey as many pitchers I can in order to diversify my demographic as much as possible for the project. The requirements are simple: I need to ask one, simple, straightforward question to any current pitcher at the little league(youth) level, middle school level, high school level, college level, and (if possible) professional level. The question will take maybe a minute to reply to, and is very easy to comprehend. If you are interested in doing the one question survey, please message on the website as I have to track certain information along with this section. I also have a quantitative section for my project as well which is a 10 question survey on protective headgear. it is also very straightforward, and will not require any personal information to be given. Because of that, It is located at the bottom of this post and can be taken by any pitcher who is interested. And if you happen to have multiple children who pitch, you can do the survey as many times as you please on one computer. Parents, coaches, friends, etc, can all help me in one way or another. If you are interested in being part of my project, please reply to this post stating your interest or message me on the site directly. Or if you would like to just take the survey, by all means do that as well. Any help will go a great way for me.


    P.S. If this is at all out of line in regards to the rules of the website, I apologize. Please inform me if it is.

    Survey Link-

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    This is the last reminder that the survey will be closing tomorrow, November 29th, at 9:00 P.M. Anyone who is interested in helping with the project, please take advantage of this opportunity! Thank you all.


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