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  • Blueprints, Diagrams, etc.

    I have been desperately seeking original blueprints of Yankee Stadium for a number of years. I saw them on eBay twice about 5 years ago, but could not afford them at that time. Now that I can, and am willing to spend the money, they elude me.
    Although I would like originals, I will gladly accept copies of the originals. If anyone has a set that they wouldn't mind taking to a copy facility, or has a lead to where I might find something, I would appreciate it greatly. I am retired now, and have been planning on building a good size replica of the stadium for quite a while now, and the planning stage is over. There is more detail than meets the eye, and anything short of blueprints just won't cut it.
    I went to the Library of Congress website since I was once told that they would have a set, but navigating through 10,000 miles of art, documents and the like only twisted my brain. (Man, they have a lot of stuff). ANY input would help. Thanks

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    I know this isnt what youre looking for, but has some quasi-prints of old parks (purely art, not working by any stretch of the imagination). Again, nothing like a set of actual drawings, but for those of us in the trade, its a cool conversation piece.
    "Straight ball I hit it very much, curveball, bats are afraid"


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      stadium blueprints

      Hi, I have original stadium blueprints and ink hand drawings from the 1910's to the 1930's, including Yankee Stadium, Braves Field, Fenway Park, League Park, etc. etc.


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