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How you feel about retractable roof stadiums?

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    Originally posted by Philtration View Post
    They did not have the technology to use Astroturf 100 years ago either and how did that abomination work out? Do you want aluminum bats as well? How about electronic sensors in the players shoes, gloves and in the bases to determine who is safe and who is out? A computer to call the balls and strikes? Hey, the technology exists so why not turn it into a video game right?
    Aluminum bats and Astroturf should not be used when natural materials are adequate. The "electronic score keeping" devices you mention sound good to me, though. Anything to get rid of the corrupt-a$$ umps.


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      Milwaukee Awful

      The roof in Milwaukee is terrible. Even when open it feels constricting. I popped in there on my way back home in Minneapolis from Chicago to catch a Twins game two years ago. They had the damned roof closed on a sunny 60 degree day in April. I was livid. After 15 years here with the godforsaken Metrodome I was craving some outdoor baseball.

      I am so excited about our new park in progress. I work a block away from it and it is fun to watch the progress.


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        Originally posted by badjuggler View Post
        The roof in Milwaukee is terrible.
        There's a reason no other ballpark has a fan-shaped roof.


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