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    WOW thanks Elvis.How ya do it? That would be the Idea ballpark id Build. Cause that ballpark looks it can hold 55,000 plus would help pitchers.Right now the current camden yards is a pitchers nightmare and a hitters paradise. By the way Elvis Wheres the Score Board?


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      Originally posted by steveox
      WOW thanks Elvis.How ya do it? That would be the Idea ballpark id Build. Cause that ballpark looks it can hold 55,000 plus would help pitchers.Right now the current camden yards is a pitchers nightmare and a hitters paradise. By the way Elvis Wheres the Score Board?
      Your welcome, Steve. Just a little photosuite magic--it was easy. The scoreboard is pretty much in the same place, but the version I'm going to add to the website will have a slightly tweaked and larger high-def board. If I can, I'll post it tonight and send you the link.

      Thanks for the addition to the page, by the way!

      Oh and where are you located? I like to add that to all the submissions.


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        I have to say, that's pretty damn cool.
        I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a Hell of an Engineer!


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          Originally posted by sschirmer
          That's awesome, but 28 grand for a table top model? OUCH!
          I know. I just want one to play my Strat-O-Matic games in. I would have to hit lotto to buy one of these beauties!


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            (sry I'm posting in a dead topic)


            I just found this yestorday morn, I was googling "Desgin Your Own Ballpark"
            and I stumbled across this, then yestorday, I made a ballpark, using excel!

            I like that it has a plain white screne for me to work with, I don't always use excel for accounting and score keeping.

            It is a new AAA place for the KC Royals. Everything I researched. I found a location, but I think it is currently occupied, on google earth, it was an empty lot, but it looked like a Trump Hotel/Casino is going up.

            To google earth the spot that I picked, change 500 to 600 for the address.

            (change the 33,000 to 25,000 (thats a lot of seats for a AAA team! )

   1 v1.1.xls

            edit, I also just noticed the suites are messed up, change the colors in the key.

            there's more!, some letters got cut off by others. It's Alantic City, not .lantic city, New Jersey not New Jersev.

            The Family Bleachers are Dark Green
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              My Ball Park

              This is a ballpark that I designed about 13 years ago and am building a model of it. I would give drawings, but don't have them scanned. The scale is 1"=60' and is one of many models I have build of ballparks. This was a ballpark I proposed to replace Tiger Stadium, not that I would ever want to replace it. Too late for that discussion now.



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                Tycobbpark that looks amazing. Can I ask for more specs on your construction materials? I'd like to try something like that myself


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                  More info will be forthcoming later, but on another site, we're in the process of organizaing a ballpark design competition. We're getting a good deal of interest from members, and I would love to get as many people in as possible.

                  So if you've had a design you've wanted to see for a long time, we hope you start thinking through your ideas.

                  This isn't confirmed, but the winner could find its way into EA Sports' MVP 2005, so everyone will play in your fantastic design.

                  I'll post more as we get closer, but I hope people can get excited.


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                    Ball park construction

                    The materials that I use include poly styrene (Plastic) which can be found at most hobby stores. There is quite a bit of card board that is coated with model paint from my airbrush that helps it last forever. I have cardboard models that are over 20 years old with their color intact. The glue goes out before the cardboard gives! regarding glue, I use Formula 560 canopy glue which is more flexible than regular elmers, yet dries clear and dries faster and is stickier. This works great on cardboard, wood or plastic and so far seems to last quite well. It doesn't get brittle like other glues seem to do.

                    I do use an airbrush for painting, various knives for cutting and clamps. I have a few other ballpark models that I should post, but I am most proud of my own design here. I do have the Ballpark In Arlington that I built in 1997 and Tiger Stadium that I built in 1999. But my own model has a lot more detail in it.


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                      Originally posted by tommybaseball
                      If anyone can do this, it would be this guy:
                      His prices are a bit steep though.
                      I have been to Steve Wolf's studio many times and have talked a great deal about ballpark modeling. His models fill entire rooms and are built as museum peices. They have working lights, actual molded seats that are hand placed, working scorboards and a real framework under his ballparks.

                      We have discussed ideas of a ballpark museum, but neither of us have the financial backing to pull it off ourselves. There is a great history in ballparks that not only relates to baseball, but to American history.

                      We both grew up being the only strange ones around who liked ballparks and spent time building models of them. Thanks to the web, we have found others like us, but there still aren't a lot.

                      I am glad to find this board, with other ballpark enthusiast on it!


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                        Ballpark ideas website

                        I've got a website with lots of new ballpark ideas. It's pretty cool; here is example of one of my drawings for a new Ebbets Field for the New York Mets. It's a scaled up version of old Ebbets field, with 43,000 seats and 60 suites, but the dimensions are the same and the grandstand is geometically similar, just larger. Hope you like it.

                        There are drawings for New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics, Florida Marlins, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays all at my web site



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                          Originally posted by steveox
                          Right now the current camden yards is a pitchers nightmare and a hitters paradise.
                          No, that's not true it all. Some folks expected that, but it's not what has proved to be the case. It's actually a pretty good pitcher's park if you look at the hitting stats compared to other parks.


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                            How do you make those drawings Schulzte?


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