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    Originally posted by Sean O
    I use a program called Vectorworks, since that's primarily what theatre designers use for their designs. It's a nice combination of a program like AutoCAD because you have the geometrical elements, but also the vector-based shapes that make 3d work pretty simple.

    I've been meaning to really pour myself into AutoCAD, but it's hard to stay motivated when everything is so much easier in a program you're already familiar with.
    I use 3d studio max, but it's mostly just reckoning the measurements by putting a proportional texture drawing schematic on a plane object (800x800pix bmp translates to an 800x800 unit texture) and building it out over it.

    This one is a what-if renovated LA wrigley field WIP:

    At best around 33,000 max least theres lux boxes!


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      Love them but no club would like them since you could actually look inside from CF on some of them...and owners HATE having people see a game for free

      Gotta love greed


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        Here is one I did a while back. I took the general layout of Forbes Field and gave it about the same profile as PNC Park.


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          Originally posted by RottenGazebo
          Hey Elvis, do you think you could draw pictures of a cross between Comerica Park and Tiger Stadium?
          Like what features from which one? I need details.


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            These are great designs but too vintage for my taste.

            I like the Petcos and New Oakland Collesium, Busch II and Citizens Bank.
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              I thought I would revive this thread, because it was linked to by another and i thought that this thread deserves even more recognition. And i would also like to know if you would consider building a replica for people to buy (aka me).


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                Originally posted by RichmondHillPhoenix
                And i would also like to know if you would consider building a replica for people to buy (aka me).
                Hi RHP. If that was intended to me I'm afraid I can't. I've got dozens of original ideas that I intend to do - enough to keep me busy for the next decade or so. The creative process is what inspires me to do this work. Building someone elses ballpark holds no interest to me as of now. Besides, there already are several companies and individuals out there building replica ballpark models that you can buy for a lot cheaper than what I'm going to be asking for mine.
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                  I like that. Keep doing what you're doing (as long as you keep posting it here ). I love your work.


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                    Thank you. And yes i intend to keep posting my work here at BBF.


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                      Your Dream Ballpark Designs

                      Disagree with the choice of design for the new Yanks/Mets/Nats ballpark? Think you could make a ballpark with character, and not a hollow cookie-cutter or retro generic? Well, here's your chance to show your vision to the whole world. Pictures or text are acceptable. Post dimensions, details about your park, and the team who would play there, whether it be MLB, MiLB, NCAA, or even a team that doesn't exist!


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                        Nice exteriors, boring and unimaginative stadium interiors - I am tired of these HOK designs.


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                          I couldn't agree more, however its sad because it isn't just HOK anymore, its HKS too. You should check out the "Virginia Ballpark Design" thread started by Elvis.


                          Some interesting pictures there that show that both HKS and HOK have run out of interesting and new design elements to put in their cookie-cutter parks.

                          I will definately post a few 'dream parks' later on today though great idea for a thread.


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                            Here are my ideas. Take a guess at what these dimensions look like to you:

                            (For an MLB expansion team/Oakland A's/Florida Marlins)

                            Left Field Foul Pole: 314 feet (19 feet wall)

                            Left Center Field: 389 feet

                            Center Field: 399 feet

                            Right Center Field: 393 feet

                            Right Field Foul Pole: 308 feet (25 feet wall)

                            (Tiger Stadium overhanging double deckers past the outfield)

                            Backstop: 52 feet

                            Foul territory: Mild/Average

                            (MLB team)

                            Left Field Foul Pole: 347 feet

                            Left Center Field: 382 feet

                            Center Field: 415 feet

                            Right Center Field: 397 feet

                            Right Field Foul Pole: 330 feet

                            Backstop: 55 feet

                            Foul Territory: Small

                            (I'd use an independent league team for this)

                            Left Field Foul Line: 275 feet (14 feet wall)

                            Left Center Field: 448 feet

                            Cutoff to Center Field: 387 feet

                            Right Center Field: 380 feet

                            Right Field Foul Pole: 361 feet (very short 4 feet wall)

                            Backstop: 48 feet

                            Foul territory: Small
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                              Anybody got a design?



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                       4 major.xls
                                LETS GO YANKEES!


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