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    Does anyone have any old pictures of Shea Stadium? As someone who was born in 1984 and never saw the stadium before it was painted blue and and had orange, blue, green, and red seats with a video board and outfield bleachers, it's facinating for me to see older pictures.

    I'm sure lots of people have older pictures, but there seem to be very few of them that people scanned and put on the internet. These are pretty much the only ones I could find:

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    Those are great pics. The only games I attended at Shea Stadium were in 1992 and 1993, and it had already been painted blue by then. One of the games I went to there was Opening Day 1993. Since it was the very first game ever played by the expansion Colorado Rockies, I bought a couple of programs. Inside was a story about the 30th anniversary of Shea Stadium with several photos. Here's a shot of the cover of that program. You can see a shot of the cover of the program from Shea's first opening day...
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      I was at the 1st ever game at Shea, April 17, 1964 and I remember distinctly that they were still painting the OF walls 2 hours before game time.........they lost(what's new back then) to the Pirates....4-3


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        The 2nd picture of Shea looks to have been taken during the 1964 World's could walk on that path from Shea to the Fair. My cousin was a security cop at the time there while he was at St. John's University, which is a stone's throw from that pic. Somewhere at home I have a pic of me & him on that very path.........If I find it I'll try to post it.


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          Wow, check out these two gems

          Flushing Meadows Municipal Stadium Groundbreaking:

          Shea Stadium Dedication:

          And here's two photos from


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            Woah, great photos of Shea Stadium.

            Trivia: Here is something interesting about Shea Stadium that most people probably never knew. Before 1992, this was one of the only ballparks (including Arlington Stadium) to not have either Coke or Pepsi as the pouring rights. As a matter of fact, Royal Crown Cola was the pourer of the Mets.

            Then after 1991, Coca-Cola acquired pouring rights, then bought out of the contract after 1997, the Mets' only winning season under Coca-Cola as the pouring rights of their home stadium.

            Does anyone have pictures of Willie Mays playing at Shea Stadium?


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              Here's that photo for those who couldn't see it earlier.
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                Check these pages out! Small photos, but cool to look at and it appears you can order prints.
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                  Originally posted by Astros View Post

                  Check these pages out! Small photos, but cool to look at and it appears you can order prints.
                  Nice... though it's a shame you can't see the full sized pictures. I can understand them charging a few dollars per picture, but $15 each???


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                      From Popular Science Magazine, April 1964

                      Mets vs. Giants, 1964


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                        Some very good photos indeed. I know I have some photos myself buried somewhere that I could post. In the meantime, here are some pictures from that show pictures from the 1960's and 1970's. Other than the 1964 photo with the brand new sky blue World's Fair Trains, all the others were of Subway "Fan Trips" using old cars long since retired from service. The first two are taken from the same vantage point some 29 years apart (1974 to 2003). Sorry about the small size, computer would only shrink pix from 250KB to 50KB, nothing in between. Also having trouble labeling the pictures so they are as follows: April 28, 1974 (sky blue with graffiti); August 23, 2003 (Shea in blue); May 10, 1964 (train doors open); and August 1, 1979 (parking lot).
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                        July 30, 1978 @ Yankee Stadium (DH vs. Minnesota) My childhood introduction in-person to the greatest game ever.


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                          Someone who worked for the New York Titans told me the reason Shea had the field level on wheels was because Robert Moses though soccer was the sport of the future and never had football in mind when the stadium was designed.


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                            Hi everybody,

                            My first post! I think it's fitting it should be about the ballpark I've been to the most.

                            I was probably about 5 or 6 when I first saw a game at Shea, so I remember the stadium with the tiles, before it was painted blue. I never remembered it looking as pristine as it did in those early photos from the World's Fair, by 1976 it had already become pretty gray.

                            If I recall correctly, the first attempt at painting the stadium blue was a disaster -- it quickly faded to purple and looked even more ridiculous than the tiles did.

                            Although the differences are subtle, check out the artist renderings from the groundbreaking ceremony. I like the way the roof is set in. Also, notice all the pretty houses and trees in the Iron Triangle!

                            The muted color scheme of the seating evokes Dodger Stadium and looks really classy -- a lot better than the orange/blue/green/red seats that are there now.

                            I won't miss Shea too much when it goes, but I think it at least started out as a pretty nice looking park.


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                              Great pics of classic shea I loved the Blue and orange steele plates that hung on the exterier of the park


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