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    What Stadium is greater, Yankee or Fenway?
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    I think they're both good in their little way. With Yankee Stadium you have the history, the championships plus the monuments out in the OF not to mention the bleacher creatures. Fenway has the Monster, the pole etc.

    I'm clearly being diplomatic here.


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      Yankee Stadium, in the post-76 renovation, is a travesty devoid of any artistic value. Back in the "classic" version, with Death Valley and the frieze, it was a gorgeous park.

      Out of everything Steinbrenner has done, ruining Yankee Stadium is in the top 3 horrible moves. It's inexcusably horrendous.


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        i'd say fenway as it has character, but then agian i'm biased. Yankee Stadium just looks like any other large stadium, im my opinion, then agian i haven't been so i'm only going by what i say from tv pictures
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          I must say, without hesitation, that Yankee Stadium is the best baseball experience I have ever had. I thought it was amazing when I walked inside for the first time; it was like church. When I went there the second time, this time with my brother (a Yankee fan), we went to Monument Park ... simply amazing. And then there was the playoff game this year that they won over Los Angeles.

          I understand that I wasn't around to see the original, but I have no knocks whatsoever on Yankee Stadium. The fans, the experience ... with the exception of the first time, I found myself routing for the Yanks each time (the first time, my A's defeated them in the longest game in Athletics history back in 2002).


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            I must say, without hesitation, that Yankee Stadium is the worse baseball experience I have ever had.

            And I'm not saying that because I'm a Red Sox fan.

            The best I had was at PNC in Pittsburgh.

            I would mention Skydome as the worse but I never had high expectations for that mausoleum.
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