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Trying to locate an old ballpark book

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  • Trying to locate an old ballpark book

    There is a ballpark book that I have seen many years ago. It predates The Ballpark Book of 1975. I think it was written in the 1950s, and I have seen reference pictures showing this book on other sites. I believe our hometown library reference section carried this book for many years until it either disappeared or was removed from the shelves due to age.

    The only other thing I sort of remember is that the parks were numbered in the book. For example, it might have said. "156. Crosley Field."

    Does anybody have a possible title for this book? It is the only one of the major ballpark books I do not currently own in either original form or scanned form from a library book.

    FWIW, I own a few ballpark books that are grossly inaccurate. Without naming names, one book in particular has incorrect sketches of past ballparks off by as many as 25 feet in some dimensions.

    I also own some very old books that have ballpark drawings in them. Some of these are not as accurate as they should be either, but their inaccurate drawings in some cases make the park more interesting than it really was.

    I also believe that some ballpark sleuth should investigate what I think is an anomaly with Shibe Park in the late 1920's. It is my belief that the LF and RF pole dimensions were misprints, and that Shibe Park was no different in 1929 than it was in 1930 & 1931, as pictures from the three World Series show identical ballparks.

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