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Why did Shea not have bleachers origanly

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  • Why did Shea not have bleachers origanly

    How come when shea was first Built it didnt have bleachers originally? C60

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    Originally posted by Candlestick60 View Post
    How come when shea was first Built it didnt have bleachers originally? C60
    Can't say definitively why - I do know that all the drawings I've ever seen of the proposed Shea lacked any bleachers, so it was the designer's plan all along. The same thing applied to Anaheim Stadium prior to the expansion for the Rams in the 80s, so there was definitely a school of thought against bleacher seating.

    They did set up temp bleachers for the 69 & 73 playoffs, but there was no regular bleachers until 83.

    The funny thing is that of all the times I've been to Shea (and it has to be 150-200 games in the last 30 years), the only time I had tickets in the bleachers was for a game that was rained out.

    I guess I need to make a point to do that this season.


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      I think they did not have bleachers origanly because they where thinking about extending the stadium around the whole field and add a roof but never did do to weak structure.


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        all i know is that i need to somehow get into the bleacher section this year before shea is gone. i have always wanted to sit there but never had any in.


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          No Bleachers

          Many stadiums of the time had no design for bleachers. The idea was that those were just useless seats for those too cheap to purchase normal seats. By not putting those types of seats in, it was thought that a more desirable crowd would come to the stadium.

          The other reason was that it added a little life to the outfield from both the outside and the inside. By not putting seats out there; peope were suppose to recognize the community right away if they saw a photo of the game or it actually was on television. Remember that that was a blooming art at the time. It would also add a level of awe to the fan as they approached the stadium from the parking lot. You would see the open area and the seat towering from behind.

          Just think about some of the other stadiums of that era. The Mets were looking at the train which was destinctive and would bring attention to the games as the trains go by. Who doesn't love to look at that rusted pale blue out there.

          The Braves/Brewers. They had left the opening facing the freeway and the old soldiers' home.

          The Athletics/Royals. That faces the Interstate.

          The Twins. The old Met faced the freeway.

          The Angels. I'm not sure what the thought was behind that one though. It was some sight line issue, but I don't recall what.

          The Dodgers. They wanted to see the hills and the road leading to the park.

          It was that or the cookie cutters.


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