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something else that should be brought to citi field from shea....

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  • something else that should be brought to citi field from shea....

    this has been on my mind since i first seen renderings of citi field... the mets should bring the light up skyline with their logo in the middle (above shea scoreboard) to citi field. it would be a nice touch to remind what the mets are about, as its in their logo, and also pays tribute to 9/11. i much rather see the skyline above the center field videoboard or rf scoreboard in citi field then more un-needed advertisment. they could use the one from shea or make a new one, but i personally would love to see it in citi field, i even tried to contact the mets through email, but got nowhere...and im feeling its too late in the game to suggest the idea. it would be great to go along with the apple thats coming over. anyone else feel that the skyline should be brought into citi field? anything else fom shea that u think should be brought over?

    if any has the means of contacting the mets about the skyline idea, please feel free to do only 16 so i doubt they will listen to me and as i said before, i couldnt get the mets by email.

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    I love the idea. However, unless sentimental universal ideas can generate money... they wont do it.

    And it's a shame too.


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      I also think it's a great idea and wouldn't be surprised if another skyline appears at the new park within a few years.

      Considering that Fred Wilpon is having a replica of the ballpark of his boyhood heros built, I don't think sentimentality is lacking in the current Mets ownership.

      The Mets are proud of their new park, but I'd imagine that elements of the old park will pop up at City Field after the novelty has worn off.


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        I hate to say this but there is definitely a sense that some who head up MLB teams are all about now and not the past. I would say this is more so for those who work on the business side of baseball and are responsible for revenue. That's all I will have to say on this subject.

        I think the idea of bringing the skyline from Shea Stadium into Citi Field is great and is a nice way to keep some tradition. Of course there is the feasibility issue of the condition that skyline piece is in (like the Home Run Apple situation).


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          does anyone have an email adress to the mets? i would really like to put this idea out there to them. i also agree that the condition its in is a lil bad being that its been up there 20 years or so, so a new one would be nice...maybe leik an LED skyline with the actual mets logo in the middle or something. maybe we should start a petition liek the apple ( which si how th apple got its way into citifield).
          Lets Go Mets, Jets, Islanders !!!


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