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    New York, NY(AP)-
    In a rare and strange twist of events, the New York Mets and Jeff Wilpon have announced plans today to stay in the teams current venue Shea Stadium through 2009 because of a major disagreement between the club and its current concession supplier which would supply the new multi million dollar Citi Field which which was scheduled to open for the 2009 season.
    The Wilpons made this dramatic announcement today after it was discovered there has been an ongoing dispute with their supplier Aramark over the costs of toilet paper and urinal deodorizer blocks used in restrooms at the facilities. It seems the Wilpons were not happy with the cost they were getting from Aramark, and with Citi Field expected to have twice as many bathrooms as Shea Stadium the Wilpons decided it would be best for the Mets to stay at Shea until the matter is resolved.
    The Mets and Wilpon have made no further information available but have announced a press conference for 1:00 PM tomorrow.
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    Dear Mr. Vaz:

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    Please do not take this personally. Our standards are high and the competition is tough.

    Better luck next time!
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      Hey I tried!


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        I love Mets fans! Only a Mets fan can do something like this.
        Over at the NYS board someone would call you a liar and yell curses your way. Thank you.
        Lets Go Mets!


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          Good enough to contract his Rags out of New York City now and forever.

          New York Islanders, the City's team.


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            Hey guys, I found this great video of Citi Field:

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            Let's Go Mets!



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              Here this is even better lol

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                Originally posted by WEB View Post
                Good enough to contract his Rags out of New York City now and forever.

                New York Islanders, the City's team.
                Get over it already dude, the Islanders are pathetic...BTW the Islanders do not play in NYC, the play in Nassau County.


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                  Uhhh--aren't y'all forgetting what day this is? I ain't buying this malarkey...


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