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  • Wrigley seating help

    I recently bought tickets to a game at Wrigley in Section 504 of the upper deck. I have a party of 8 going and I had to split the tickets between rows 5 and 7. For the tickets bought in row 7, I just saw that the seat numbers were 101-102 and the seats in row 5 are 1-6. (When I bought them, my brain wasn't working properly because I thought the row 7 tickets were seats 1 and 2).

    My question is.... what am I missing? Each section of the upper deck doesn't have 100+ seats per row, does it? Can anyone help me with this?

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    The numbering system at Wrigley is all whack.


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      everything about the urinal is whack...i went there for a 3 game series against the Redlegs back in 05...not a fan at all
      from the corner to foxtown


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        There aren't section numbers per se.

        The number 504 is a aisle number

        To one side the numbers start from 1 and go up. to the other side they're in the 100s. It's something like that.

        Here's a pic of me at Wrigley

        So it looks like the number on the right part of the aisle start at 100 and go up. I'm not sure if the numbers on the left start at 1 or end at another number.

        So you could theoretically have like 50 seats between you I guess.
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          PS if you've never been to wrigley don't get the hot dogs from the roaming vendors.

          Go to the LD and get the fresh grilled stuff from one of the grills. I think they're called "Windy City Dogs"


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            Also get ready to see one of these:

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              you will be on opposite sides of the asle and in different rows. for each section there are 10 or so seats on each side of the asle, ie: 1-10 on one side and 101-110 on the other


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