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  • This isn't the place to discuss Yankee hierarchy and who deserves what, folks. As we have seen implored so many times, stick to the topic. There is another forum to discuss Yankee managers, etc. The complaint you only post here does not fly as an excuse.
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    • Originally posted by JoeDOYS View Post
      ...probably something having to do with him being the heart and soul of this ballclub for well over a decade...
      ...probably has nothing to do with being qualified to manage a ballclub.

      Anyway, back on topic. If anybody will be at the World Series, we could use some photos of's been a while.

      I might go to game 7, if there's a game 7, so I'll do likewise.


      • Snapped some pics today.

        Gate 6 Pod from E157th Street

        View from Metro-North platform

        Gate 6

        Gate 4

        Gate 4 Pod
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          The Hearing was a GREAT success, resulting in official disapproval of the Department's preliminary plan for the old Yankee Stadium Site!!!

          Parks has been firmly directed to overhaul the park design.

          Below is the Committee's very well received presentation

          As presented by Cindy Jones

          Committee to Commemorate

          Old Yankee Stadium


          Public Design Commission Hearing

          New York City Hall

          October 26, 2009


          Thank you so very much for this great honor & opportunity to speak on behalf of people around the country, who so passionately want to pay tribute to the greatest Stadium in the American history….America’s Coliseum…Old Yankee Stadium.

          As Mayor Bloomberg reported only last year, in the "Official Yankee Stadium Retrospective" Old Yankee Stadium is one of New York's three most asked-about New York City international icons, along with Empire State Building, and the Empire State Building. Wherever he travels around the world, he said, people always ask about [Old] Yankee Stadium.

          Dozens of international luminaries, including presidents, governors, and celebrities of every type - joined the Mayor in this book - one of many hundreds written on the history of the Stadium - voicing how very highly regarded the Stadium is around the world.

          Indeed, it is Old Yankee Stadium's unmatched prominence, that compelled me to fly in this morning from my home state of Virginia, to encourage and plead to the great City of New York to "properly preserve and celebrate" this national landmark and treasure.

          Commissioners, the Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium

          request that you please Save Gate 2,

          The exciting reality is that Gate 2 IS overwhelmingly original - as the two photos of Gate 2 before you make unmistakeably clear - one from the 1930's and the other taken just this year. The City's original belief that Gate 2 was NOT original was wrong.

          And, moreover, Gate 2 is PERFECTLY located between New and Old Yankee Stadiums -- providing a magnificent architectural, and even spiritual, Gateway, connecting our past to our future.

          As Bronx County Historian, Dr. Lloyd Ultan, observed in Paul Goldberger's recent article in the New Yorker citing authoritative criticisms of preliminary park design:

          “What’s missing from the park plan is the architecture of the Stadium itself.”

          - later stating that a large, tangible part of the original stadium is needed to effectively communicate the original Stadium's majesty & size, like ruins of antiquity so powerfully do.

          Architectural experts Rick Bell, Jeff Bianco, Phil Reina - along with so many others - the preliminary design as "lacking authenticity".

          In fact, neither Babe, nor Lou, saw ANYTHING included in the current proposal!

          BUT, they saw Gate 2!!


          Yankee Stadium historians across the country - including Bill Jenkinson and the City's own Dr. Ultan - emphatically agree, adding that a meaningful tangible memory from the Stadium's most glorious days is needed to properly record its irreplaceable preeminence.

          As Paul Doherty, a leading authority on Yankee Stadium, put it:

          "Gate 2 will serve as a cultural lamp post to the great eras of New York City's sporting dominance - second only to the Roman Coliseum in its importance to the overall history of world sports."

          The essential point we all must remember is that:

          If Gate 2 is not saved, nothing of the Stadium's most glorious era and architecture will be!

          We also respectfully request, Commissioners, that the Old Yankee Stadium Site be called "Old Yankee Stadium Park", rather than the overly common and nondescript "Heritage Field", or "Park" of which there are so very many across the country - including one at the Cleveland Indians' Stadium right up the road in the Yankees' own AL East!

          "Old Yankee Stadium Park" is clearly a far better name - one that truly "celebrates the site's rich history", as is the charter and goal of the Commission. Paul Goldberger, the renowned New York historic architect - and the City's Board Member for the National Trust for Historic Preservation - also disapproves of the name. Dr. Ultan emphatically joins him, along with preeminent historians and Baseball fans of the Stadium across the City, and country.

          For similarly compelling reasons, we request the baseball area of the new park be called "Babe Ruth Memorial Field" - to both tribute New York's greatest and beloved sports hero, and to replace the original "Babe Ruth Memorial Baseball Filed" - recently destroyed to make way for New Yankee Stadium. Your very distinguished Art Commission predecessor, Williams Adams Delano, was a leading participant in the creation of Babe Ruth Memorial Field, created sixty years ago, as a "permanent" tribute to New York's (still) most beloved and immortal sports figure - New York's great Babe Ruth.


          In closing Commissioners, I quote another New York great, Jackie Kennedy, who did so very much for preserving this great City's cultural treasures, and whose statement forty years ago so perfectly addresses why we must save Gate 2:

          "Is it not cruel to let New York die by degrees, stripped of all her proudest moments, until there will be nothing left of history and beauty to inspire our children? If they are not inspired by the past of our City, where will they find the strength to fight for her future? Americans care about their past, but, for short term gain, they ignore it and tear down everything that matters. This is the time to take a stand and reverse the tide."

          Please, Commissioners, save Gate 2, at "Old Yankee Stadium Park" - not only for Babe & Lou … but, most of all, for all our children and loved ones - and all those who follow us - so they can see and even touch "The House That Ruth Built" - the greatest Stadium in our nation's history- "Old Yankee Stadium.".


          • wow, good stuff.


            • That is really awesome news, and I hope they put some frieze up as well as keeping 'the bat' ....
              27 Time WORLD CHAMPIONS!



              • Great news and GREAT job. Mike and all. Hope it comes to fruition.


                • Is there anything fans across the nation can do to help?

                  Gate 2 is very important to me, all the way in La-la-land.

                  Let us know!
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                  Do what they want to
                  You know you're stronger
                  Than the lies
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                  • Dear Chinese Democracy,

                    Yes. Go to



                    • Also, go to HistoryOfThe

                      It's a WONDERFUL Yankees site with information for saving Gate 2 and has a lot of Yankees photos and stories!!!

                      RobR-Thank you for the good wishes. For all the years of joy, great memories, and history Yankee Stadium has given us, the least we can do is save Gate 2. A bronze plaque would not do justice for The House That Ruth Built.



                      • As much as I may hate the Yankee's of today, this is absolutely excellent news, and is great for all of baseball.
                        Camden Pike


                        • Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
                          This isn't the place to discuss Yankee hierarchy and who deserves what, folks. As we have seen implored so many times, stick to the topic. There is another forum to discuss Yankee managers, etc. The complaint you only post here does not fly as an excuse.
                          I agree! This discussion has NOTHING to do with Ted Williams' frozen head!
                          Lets get back on track!
                          Vintage Photos of Detroit Ballparks:

                [email protected]/sets/


                          • Great job on fighting for Gate 2.

                            I did notice, though, that the group mentioned pics of Gate 2 from the 1930's in their presentation before the committee. I want to make sure the Gate 2 people are aware of the pics below, which I found on, and which have been posted in the YS pre-renovation thread. They are from the original construction of Gate 2 in 1928:

                            March 15 1928 work begins on extending the left field stands beyond the foul pole:

                            July 3, 1928 side view of the left field stands from the bleachers:

                            June 15 1928 Yankee Stadium facade left field side under construction:

                            If the Gate 2 people continue to gain support, it might be worth it to purchase high-quality prints of the 1928 pics above (which could be enlarged) from the website for use in future presentations. An 11X14 print runs $59.


                            Later pics of Gate 2 for comparison:



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                            • It would be so totally sweet if they added windows to Gate 2 if the resolution passes.
                              No one can make you
                              Do what they want to
                              You know you're stronger
                              Than the lies
                              That they tell you


                              • Maybe I missed one...During game 1 of the WS...anyone notice that everytime they show a shot of the NYS from the is always a tight shot of the stadium. They never give a wide angle so you can see OYS.

                                During the Giants game the other night...every shot from the blimp showed both Giants stadium and the new one. It strikes me that both instances are deliberate.


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