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This document was based on a similar policy used by SABR.

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Yankee Stadium [I] Demolition

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  • Before & after

    Here's another angle from that same day.
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    • Originally posted by ChineseDemocracy View Post
      Hi Gary,

      Could you elaborate? I'm not trying to be a smart-aleck or anything like that, and I myself dislike Fakee Stadium very much and it breaks my heart to see Yankee Stadium (capital S) in this shape. But as I look at the picture and read your remark, I ask myself, "What is Gary trying to convey to us?"
      Although I was going to miss the original stadium with its history, I was excited at the prospect of seeing a new stadium - how it would look, how the "quality of game life" experience would be improved, and so forth. There were some things I liked about the new place - the ability to walk all the way around, including the outfield, for one. And i kinda liked the "matter of fact" typeface used on the signage. Although it seems... I don't know... "mechanical," "institutional," I can't think of a word to pin down how I think about it, it also seemed somewhat appropriate.

      But as time went on, there were things I didn't like. I'm not going to get into the whole "moat" issue - besides, since you have to have a Field Level ticket before you can even approach the steps leading to the "moat," you're talking about a situation where they've got people whose jobs it is to tell fans who've paid $250-$300 for a ticket that they can't go any further. Where I come from $250-$300 is still a lot of money for a ballgame. No, I didn't like that upstairs, in the Grandstand seating (the 400 level), they also had people stationed at the top of the stairs to make sure you were in the right section. A lot of it is the people stationed everywhere whose job is basically to tell you "you don't belong here, go away." It just rubs me the wrong way.

      And it's no longer the inaugural season, so the appeal of its being a new ballpark in its first year is no longer a factor.

      You have to realize also that I'm not a Yankee fan. In the context of Yankee games, I'm more of a casual fan, and the original Yankee Stadium with its history and its tradition and all of that was part of the appeal of going to Yankee games. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle played on the same spot I'm looking at, and they were looking at the same South Bronx skyline I'm looking at. But now things have changed. The courthouse is no longer part of the skyline, the apartment building in left field has moved to just right of center, and the greatest Yankee legends to seet foot on the field of Fake Yankee Stadium are Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod") - and even they established their Yankee reputations at the original stadium. So, as a contextually casual fan, I don't care as much. I can go or not go.

      As far as how the picture relates to my feeling - the juxtaposition of the fallen exterior of the original building, the rubble on what was once hallowed ground, with the new building - designed to evoke the past - in the distance, and when I saw that, live and in front of me, it all came together.

      And I guess that's what I was trying to convey.

      After I came up with that realization, though, I wondered... if they completely demolished the original stadium, as they're doing now, but put up a totally new building on the same spot - preserving nothing but the footprint of the field (either the original or post-renovation), everything else was completely modern and designed not to be "retro" but for current tastes, current styles, and such - remember, when the original Yankee Stadium was built in 1923 they weren't trying to evoke the spirit of the Polo Grounds or Hilltop Park, they were going for something new and modern - would I accept it? Would Yankee fans accept it? It's a moot point, of course, but it's still something to think about.

      I'm sure if I was a Yankee fan I might be more forgiving, more accepting, of the Fake Yankee Stadium. As a Mets fan, there are plenty of things I don't like about Citi Field. I don't like that the general public can only get a behind-the-plate view from the upper deck (that's one area where Fake Yankee Stadium has an advantage), I don't like the limited amount of escalators, I don't like all the "staff" stationed at every aisle on the Field Level (same as at Fake Yankee Stadium), I don't like the platforms with the obstructed views, I don't like that the scoreboard is high up instead of closer to the field as it was at Shea, I don't like that you can no longer see the immediate area outside the ballpark (even if it's just the "Iron Triangle").

      But I care more about the Mets, so I can either learn to tolerate it or stop going to games altogether. And as a Mets fan, I choose to tolerate it... at least for now...
      Archie Bunker: All I can tell you, Edith, is I'm surprised at you! Dragging me off to a moving picture like that! It was absolutely disgusting!
      Edith Bunker: Well, I'm sorry, Archie, how was I to know? I thought it was a religious picture, "Cardinal Knowledge!"


      • Great post Gary. I am also a Mets fan with many of the same opinions as you expressed. I also go to Yankees games too;I can't claim to be a NYY fan but I do enjoy going there. IMHO, NYS should have been put on the exact same piece of land as OYS/RYS. I guess that was not possible.
        I may be in the minority, but in the case of comfort......NYS and Citi are huge improvements over Shea and RYS. All of your points have validity, but the 2 new parks are a lot more comfortable for the average fan. As for the other policies we don't care for (which you listed) or the design flaws, well what can we say?


        • I'm cheering for New Yankee Stadium. The contrarian in me is winning out over the historian and the traditionalist side of me after reading these hyperbolic Fake Yankee Stadium Fail posts for months now. Finally we can almost enjoy the new place without the distraction across the street!


          • Originally posted by Gary Dunaier View Post
            I don't like the limited amount of escalators
            You'll be well sorted once they roll out the plans for the limestone escalator pods Gary


            • Seeing that last peice of Yankee Stadium is like looking at that Vietnam shot of the guy getting his brains blown out at point blank range. Only worse. Much, much worse. Oh dear God in heaven... why? WHY?!
              Fake Yankee stadium Fail!


              • Originally posted by kobathecat View Post
                I'm cheering for New Yankee Stadium. The contrarian in me is winning out over the historian and the traditionalist side of me after reading these hyperbolic Fake Yankee Stadium Fail posts for months now. Finally we can almost enjoy the new place without the distraction across the street!
                I agree with you 100%. I'm really sick of hearing all of the "Fake Yankee Stadium" garbage myself, and really hope that once those final walls come down and all the reminants of the old stadium are gone, all the negativity about the new place will go away. This is coming from somebody that owned season tickets in the old park for 16 years and has seen countless great moments there, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I love the new park, I personally believe it captures the essence of the old place while incorporating all of the modern ammenities that sports fans have come to expect. Who says that you need to be cramped in a old uncomfortable ballpark to enjoy a game? Personally, I'm paying about the same money in the new place that I was paying in the old place for my seats, but I get so much more for my buck now, I couldn't be happier. As I said before, I loved the old stadium and all it's history and charm, but as seen last season, new history is happening across the street and I'm glad to be a part of it.


                • Fake Yankee Stadium, Old Yankee Stadium, Remodeled Yankee Stadium.....

                  In a few days, there won't be two sticks left standing of the place across the street from the only Yankee Stadium that's left. Fake Yankee Stadium fail? And then what? There's no going back. I has to succeed, and it will.
                  First Game- Twinight DH, Mets vs. Cards at Shea, August 22, 1965


                  • Originally posted by RichieA13 View Post
                    A few from yesterday...........
                    This picture:

                    Reminds me of these pictures I took the night before the last Shea section came down in 2/09:


                    My Citi Field & Shea Gallery - 27 Albums - 3,091 pictures - 15 videos
                    Citi Field Interior Construction Pics, Citi Field Game Pics, Shea Demolition Pics


                    • Originally posted by islandxtreme26 View Post
                      This picture:

                      Reminds me of these pictures I took the night before the last Shea section came down in 2/09:

                      Having witnessed both live ..... I can tell you first hand that they IS a bit of
                      'Déjà Vu all over again' between the two demolitions, Cris.



                      • That sucks that they have people stationed in every section to tell you to go away if you don't have tickets in that section at NYS. I was sort of hoping I would be able to take photo's from the outfield looking into home plate when I go in June. Think they'll allow me to do that or will the Yankee police tell me to, " Move along. These are not the photo's you want to take".


                        • All those poor ghosts, huddled in the right field extension... No where left to go... I hear their screams. Their confused shrieking. Their cries for justice. Did Billy Martin just fart?

                          All will die within days. Maybe hours.

                          Why did NYC and the Yankees decide to kill our great Yankee ghosts? Who does this?

                          This is how curses start.

                          God help the poor defenseless ghosts and God help their murderers.
                          Fake Yankee stadium Fail!


                          • Thanks to Gary Dunaier for his thoughtful explanation of his feelings about this melancholy historical event, adding to his already-superb photographic expressions. I thought that view of NYS with the fallen wall of OYS (one of the original 1923 parts of the structure) was a classic for the ages, and soon all traces of the latter will be gone. I made my final pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium in October 2008, fortunate to take a tour inside, and I'm very grateful to Gary and all those others who have shared their photographs and anecdotes of the final months and days for the benefit of fans who live in other parts of the country.

                            As for NYS, it has some good points, but as Gary says, the sky-high prices for box seats is an outrage -- especially in the context of the current economic situation. I wish they had found some way to "re-renovate" RYS, and I'm mad that they couldn't at least preserve part of the original structure, but I'll get over it eventually.


                            • Originally posted by Maxlugar View Post
                              Why did NYC and the Yankees decide to kill our great Yankee ghosts? Who does this?

                              God help the poor defenseless ghosts and God help their murderers.
                              don't take it so personally, it's only business... "...the business of america is business (until recently)...
                              the turd in the punchbowl
                              reality really sucks.
                              enjoy the game more...


                              • Originally posted by Paul W View Post
                                don't take it so personally, it's only business... "...the business of america is business (until recently)...
                                All you have to do is follow the $$$$. It's all about $$$$, people, why can't you just realize it and get over it already. All those feelings and memories you think you have? Nope, not real. It's all about $$$$ and business, and absolutely nothing else. Just follow the $$$$, and that's it. Don't try to think of baseball as anything else but $$$$$.