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Possible Name/Stadium Location for Jersey-Based team

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  • Possible Name/Stadium Location for Jersey-Based team

    I'm sorta spinning this outa the A's/Marlins thread. We all know NJ is one of the biggest baseball hotbeds in the country (Trenton Thunder has been one of the highest drawing teams for the past 10 years), and could most likely support a MLB team. Ignoring the fact that the Yankees, Mets, and Phillies would most likley try and block the move, where do you guys think a team would play? what would the stadium look like, and what would they be called? These are the options I see as viable:


    The meadowlands-
    The most obvious site, already proven as a sports venue. Can easily house a team. However, does not offer much in the way of scenery or surrounding shops, unless you count the disaster that is xandu.

    Jersey City-
    Would love to see this, with the cities great history with the giants farm team, as well as the dodger home games. Stadium could be built near liberty state park (possibly on the old railroad grounds, which serves as the ferry terminal and needs a huge makeover), and would offer a great view of the statue of liberty and downtown Manhattan, and offers the ability to recreate Roosevelt Stadium. Big possibility here IMHO.

    Hoboken- Birthplace of baseball, what more do you need? Great place for a true retro park.

    This is my personal favorite site. The city is starting to rebound, and this would only help it further. The addition of the Prudential Center has proven that the city is a Viable location, and the bears have a long history in the city. Bears Stadium could house the team while it was either expanded or a new site was built. The Bears Name could be used, with either the Newark or New Jersey Tags.

    Directly across the river from Newark. Home to the new Red Bull Park expected to be complete next year. Good town, and has a good amount of unused warehouses that could be used as a stadium site. Unfortunately, the town is much more of a soccer town (In the US? Weird Right?) due to its large immigrant population and may not embrace a baseball team, however the rest of the state most likely would make up for this.

    Don't realy see this happening, but the Minor league team here has been very successful, and would most likely be considered, however, I feel that the town is just considered too unsafe to house a team.

    Atlantic City-
    As much as I don't see this happening, and as much as I hate AC, I think this would be my favorite one. It goes perfectly with the states desire to improve the city, and the stadium possibilities are endless, think of all the lights and casino-esc designs that would be possible, it could be gorgeous. With all the land on the outskirts of the city, it would be easy to procure the land, however, I feel that if they could put a stadium right on the boardwalk, it would be phenomenal. The view would be great, especially if the outfield offered a view up the boardwalk up the casino, and they could even have an entrance on the boardwalk, with games and restaurants and everything. If a retractable roof was employed it could be billed as a replacement to the aging convention center, and could be a truly year round facility to host boxing etc. This would also give them the ability to use two of my favorite names: The Atlantic City/New Jersey Atlantians, and the Atlantic City/New Jersey Seagulls (don't know why I like the last one, just has a good ring to it if you ask me). Unfortunately, MLB's strict anti-gambling policy would crush this attempt, unless the city were to forbid gambling on the team in the city (similar reason why Vegas didn't get a team).

    ok, now for the fun part, team names/colors:

    Meadowlarks- one of the finalists for the Mets names, I used to hate it but its grown on me. Would work best in north jersey, with the New Jersey Tag. Colors would be Black and Yellow (Colors of the Bird) or Blue and Yellow (State Colors).

    Bears- Current Name for Newark's minor league team. Has a long history as a Yankee farm club, and IMHO is a great name, which could be used with either the Newark or New Jersey Tags. Colors are currently black and white, and would need a bit of sprucing up.

    Revolution- In honor of New Jersey's contributions to the revolutionary war. any Tag works. colors would be red, white and blue, with an emphasis on red.

    Patriots- See Above

    Generals- Similar reasoning as above. Logo features stars, and colors are green and gold.

    Battleship- This is in honor of the most decorated ship ever in the USN. Features a reverse tagging, something more common in European sports than American and would be known as the Battleship New Jersey. Colors are Gun Metal Gray and Yellow. Also offers endless stadium design options.

    Shore- For an AC based team only, and only with the New Jersey Tag. Named after the most famous part of the state. Colors are Blue and Yellow.

    Atlantians- My favorite, only works for an AC based team, named after the atlantic ocean and the city. colors are royal blue and white.

    Seagulls- I really like this one too for some reason. Works best with an AC based team, Colors are Yellow, Marron, and White.

    Devils- I know, it's taken, but it really is the best name for a team from jersey. Hey, if there can be two teams named the Giants in different sports in the same city, why not two teams named the devils in NJ?

    So what do you think, anyone else have any ideads?
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    "...So the winning run is on second base, with two outs, three and two to Mookie Wilson.

    Little roller up along first; BEHIND THE BAG! It gets through Buckner!

    Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!"

    - Vin Scully, Announcer


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      Since Devils has been taken by the NHL team, a nice substitute for a nickname could be Demons.


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        Possible Name/Stadium Location for Jersey-Based team

        Originally posted by BigMac1212 View Post
        Since Devils has been taken by the NHL team, a nice substitute for a nickname could be Demons.
        Another nickname for the New Jersey baseball team could be Warlocks.


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          Even though Newark has the very best transportation in NJ, and even though a lot of money is pumped into the city, I am still unsure of the crime factor there. In another post, I mentioned where I dropped my wife and daughter off at the Prudential Center for Hannah Montana at 4pm 12/29. I decided to walk up to McGovern's for a pint and a burger (on New St near Washinton). When I got there, it was closed until 6pm, so I had to make a u-turn and walk back to the Pru. I was on Broad and Market when somebody was shot where I had just been sixty seconds earlier(two blocks away)! I would love Newark to be cleaned up like NYC, but until it happens I would hesitate to go there for baseball. If a team did play in or around Newark, I would vote for the Newark Bears. And I don't care which league the team played in.

          Xanadu is the dumbest looking thing I have ever seen. I went to Giants Stadium to see Springsteen and did not know whether I should laugh or cry when I saw Xanadu. Even if a team played near the meadowlands, I would stil prefer the name Newark Bears.


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            Originally posted by mandrake View Post
            Xanadu is the dumbest looking thing I have ever seen. I went to Giants Stadium to see Springsteen and did not know whether I should laugh or cry when I saw Xanadu. Even if a team played near the meadowlands, I would stil prefer the name Newark Bears.
            The Xanadu is hideous. Whose bright idea was it to use a patchwork of corrugated metal to construct a building?


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              They could play in Atlantic City and be called the Gamblers.


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                Atlantic City Boardwalks. And their mascot could be the monopoly guy:


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                  Xanadu is garbage from the start.

                  Anyways, on topic. I live in NJ, I'd love to see a team in Jersey City, my hometown, born, & raised.


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                    My problem with a New Jersey based team--other than the obvious fact that we really do not need a third team in the NYC metro area (two is quite enough, thank you very much)--is that there is really no there there. New Jersey is for all intents and purposes one big suburb (whether it is New York in the north or Philly in the south). You're sticking a team in the suburbs, and associating the team with the suburbs. That's why the Giants and Jets still go by their original New York monikers. That's why the Nets are moving across the Hudson. True, you have the one holdout in the Devils, but I just don't see the cache of having a team that lacks that certain cosmopolitian association.

                    If the team goes by town designations such as Jersey City, Hoboken, East Rutherford, Trenton, Atlantic City--none of these towns scream major league in the least. You'd inevitably have the feeling it is a minor league team just by how it sounds, and you'd almost expect them to have a gimmicky name (like something with [Qualifier] Dogs/Cats). The only Jersey city that might be an exception is Newark, which has its own major airport and is home of the new Devils arena, but Newarks' rep as being its own major city is still shaky IMHO. You hear Newark and you still think NYC suburbs, not Newark.

                    It's the same feeling I got when they wanted to put a team in Northern Virginia. If they did ever put a team in Northern Virginia, the only names I could associate with such a team would be Northern Virginia Strip Malls, Northern Virginia Office Parks, Northern Virginia Gated Communities, etc. (I guess for New Jersey you could have the New Jersey Loopy-Doos or whatever they call those things they make you do instead of being able to just turn left ).

                    Then again, to be devil's advocate to my own argument, one could say that the Angels and Rangers are two teams associated more with the suburbs than the core city in the metro area. But I don't know--New Jersey as a major league "city"? I'll pass.


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                      Originally posted by Anubis2051 View Post
                      Hoboken- Birthplace of baseball, what more do you need?
                      Well, a little historical accuracy, for one.

                      I think either Jersey City or Hoboken would be great. An urban park, close to the city, with the potential for stunning views.

                      I don't see the Meadowlands as a viable option. The transport from New York City is messy at best, and it'd be too tempting to draw from NYC to write them off altogether. It's dying as a sports location, with the Devils and the Nets, and I have yet to hear anybody really excited about Xanadu.

                      It's my understanding that Atlantic City's economy is way too shaky.


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                        Loopy-Doo= Jughandle

                        But don't tell that guy before


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                          Originally posted by Tacosaregood/metsguy234 View Post
                          Loopy-Doo= Jughandle

                          But don't tell that guy before
                          Jughandles, that's it.

                          Stupidest thing I've ever seen. I think the first time driving in New Jersey I just said screw it and made an illegal left.


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                            Originally posted by PeteU View Post
                            Jughandles, that's it.

                            Stupidest thing I've ever seen. I think the first time driving in New Jersey I just said screw it and made an illegal left.
                            They're actually much easier than left turns, and relieve traffic in the left lanes.


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                              how about the New Jersey Sopranos?

                              or the New Jersey Bruces?

                              or the New Jersey Wendys? (Wendy is the girl that Springsteen sings about in like every song he sings, that must be his wife's name)

                              or the New Jersey Bon Jovis?


                              the New Jersey Wah Wah's? For some strange reason, the only place I ever see Wah Wah's is New Jersey.


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