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1937 Sporting News - Burns-Eye Views of Big Time Parks - Full Set Of 15

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  • 1937 Sporting News - Burns-Eye Views of Big Time Parks - Full Set Of 15

    Per request, here are all 15 together in this interesting set from the Sporting News, 1937. First 10 (big file alert) -

    Braves Field

    Baker Bowl

    Polo Grounds

    Ebbets Field

    Sportsman's Park

    Shibe Park

    Yankee Stadium

    Fenway Park

    Navin Field

    Comiskey Park
    Classic baseball and ballparks

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    Last 5 -

    League Park, Cleveland Municipal Stadium

    Forbes Field

    Crosley Field

    Griffith Stadium

    and Wrigley Field
    Classic baseball and ballparks


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      Alpineinc those are real Gems! The Crosley Filed photo of the flood is unreal. Thank you for posting them.


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        Thank you Alpineinc, that was an enjoyable read on this sunny Sunday morning!
        One more old park is going to rest , and now only two remain.
        You have to love the old stadiums, but I for one will embrace the new ones too.:cap:


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          Glad everyone is enjoying them. They're fascinating tidbits of baseball history. It's great to see how opinions change on a ballpark depending on the era.
          Classic baseball and ballparks


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            Awesome! Thank you for posting! No revisionist history with these articles.


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              Originally posted by alpineinc View Post
              Yankee Stadium
              That's quite an interesting shot of Yankee Stadium in that article, I wish it were clearer to see more detail.

              From the looks of it, the bleachers are at least partially done, which would mean that any pictures from that baseball season, or the off-season before it would show work on the bleachers up to a year before the extension of the grandstand.



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