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  • Pretty early for HS championship series. You'd think mid to late May maybe into June.

    I was at the local all-star tournament in Philly area held at the Phillies stadium. The Phillies people wouldn't let the kids warm up in their spikes at all on the field. They had to run all their warm ups and all on the field and grass in turf shoes (sneakers). Some kids I guess were not aware of this rule and were wearing flip flops (slides) for this as they likely only wore those to the game.

    During the game, the Phillies staff stood at the top of the dugout and kept the players from milling around in front of the dugouts at all times. Once inning was over, players had to either be in dugout or going to their position.

    I realize they want to keep the grass in tip top shape - but it was annoying to see them hawk the kids trying to play. Wonder if Coors was the same way with those kids.


    • You are correct Matt, my bad . . . I should have known, my son's season in high school was only at the begin . . . this time of year. It is some sort of invitational . . . I actually used to go down and watch them as the admission was free of charge. Not sure what the motivation is other than to give the youngster a thrill of playing on a big league field. I don't know the policy on shoes either ...
      "Colorado Rockies to host several high school baseball games at Coors Field

      The Colorado Rockies will play host to 14 high school baseball games this season

      While the Colorado Rockies prepare at spring training for the upcoming season, Coors Field will play host to several high school baseball games this month, starting March 12. In total, 28 Colorado high school teams will get the opportunity to play at the state's top venue.

      March 12

      Ralston Valley (Arvada) vs. Mountain Range (Westminster), 11:30 am
      Platte Canyon (Bailey) vs. Prospect Ridge (Broomfield), 3 pm

      March 14
      Ponderosa (Parker) vs. Northglenn, 3 pm

      March 15
      Arapahoe (Centennial) vs. Chaparral (Parker), 11:30 am
      Grandview (Aurora) vs. ThunderRidge (Highlands Ranch), 3 pm

      March 16
      Heritage (Littleton) vs. Silver Creek (Longmont), 11:30 am
      Dakota Ridge (Littleton) vs. Highlands Ranch, 3 pm

      March 19
      Skyline (Longmont) vs. Niwot, 11:30 am
      Monarch (Louisville) vs. Wheat Ridge, 3 pm

      March 21
      Rocky Mountain (Fort Collins) vs. Cherokee Trail (Aurora), 11:30 am
      Erie vs. University (Greeley), 3 pm

      March 22
      Mullen (Denver) vs. Horizon (Thornton), 3 pm

      March 23
      Eaglecrest (Centennial) vs. Legacy (Broomfield), 3 pm

      April 16
      Hinkley (Aurora) vs. Holy Family (Broomfield), 3 pm"

      Cool, looks like Hinkley and Holy Family actually play during a Rockies road series.

      Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


      • You need some action of the field to get it into game shape before the Rockies return. Plus you get some kids onto the field. It's pretty cool. Most fields aren't too green yet.

        I'd imagine too they let them use the indoor cages and all.


        • I'd say 80-90% of the opening days at Coors we've been blessed with 70 plus degree weather . . . '94 last OD at Mile High had snow flurries after the 6th inning in a game against the Phillies and they won a high scoring game (I don't remember the exact score) . . . and the next year it snowed all the night before the opening of Coors . . . but was only "really cold" by game time against the Mets and ole Bill Swift's first pitch at 5:38 p.m., Bill Swift to Brett Butler . . . and yes, that was the Dante Bichette homer in bottom 14 which won the game . . .but tomorrow, I'm talkin' cold and flurries (according to our weathermen/women who only accurate about 80%, 20% of the time (It's the mountains, can't blame them) . . . Don't matter, baseball is back and there is another chance! Attached is Bill Swifts 1st pitch ever at Coors . . . 4-25-1995. Rox got off to a 4-0, 5-1 lead then ole Todd Hunley came to bat with the bases loaded in the top 4 and I turned and told my old friend . . . "don't worry, he can't hit" . . . He still reminds me of that horrible prediction now . . . 23 years later.
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          Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


          • As a newspaper guy, this makes me queasy.
            After a mix-up that resulted in The Denver Post erroneously publishing a photo of Citizens Bank Park as part of a feature on Coors Field, the newspaper apologized for the mistake that spread across social media.


            • Originally posted by tugger View Post
              As a newspaper guy, this makes me queasy.
              That rag has been an embarrassment to the city of Denver for years! IMHO. I seen this on Fox news 31 this morning . . . just shook my head not quite in disbelieve . . .
              Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


              • Fake Coors Field fail?
                What's THAT guy doing?
                - one of the YES Network broadcasters, after the camera cut to me doing the thumbs-down after Todd Frazier's home run


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                  • Today is the "Ides of March" . . . Sunday is "St. Patricks Day" . . . and 21 days until opening day at Coors Field! Things are definetly looking up! Life begins anew!
                    Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


                    • Have you ever had that Deja Vu feeling?


                      • Originally posted by DiggerODell View Post
                        Things are looking up!!!!

                        Today is the "Ides of March" . . . Wednesday is "St. Patricks Day" . . . and 25 days until opening day at Coors Field! Things are definetly looking up! Life begins anew!

                        I found these photos/sketches on site ( I recall the model and seeing it in about '92 when it was displayed in the State Capitol rotunda. Thanks stadiumpage, hope you don't mind my sharing these here . . . great finds! I have looked for years for a photo of the model of Coors, to no avail.
                        I guess this is where it began . . . I thought it was longer . . . it doesn't bring the pictures nor date it. It was page 51 of this thread . . . March 15, 2010.
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                        Some's basturds, some's ain't, thats the score.


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