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Posting Images UPDATED for new format

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  • Posting Images UPDATED for new format

    In order for the Baseball Fever to be as easy to browse as possible, please keep posted images under 1024x768... 800x600 is preferable. If possible, include a link to a high-res original along with the image you post on the board.

    An external photo host can automatically resize your images. These include Flickr, Photobucket, and ImageShack.

    If you wish to attach images to be hosted here on BF, please re-size them before uploading.

    Posts with images larger than 1024x768 may be deleted.

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    Hi all,

    Updating/bumping this thread as there has been difficulty in posting images in this new board format. I'll edit with any new info I come up with, but this is what I've figured out so far:

    Images can be added through the camera icon upper left; however, this will only provide a thumbnail that has to be clicked on in order for a new link to be opened to see the images in full. It's pretty good for multiple images, but again, it's an extra step and viewers will not really see the image(s) simply while viewing the thread.

    I prefer the second method; add images through the attachment (paper and clip) icon upper right; it will open a small sub-menu that allows attachments to be uploaded, and your choice of size as well. I usually go for "full size", and the full photos will then be posted into the thread for all to see without a separate link.

    Caveat: There are limits on the photo sizes that can be posted, and I've found that one of two things can happen:

    1) The photo is too big to be posted and is rejected outright after trying to be uploaded, in which case the photo will need to be reduced in size on a program outside of the forum and re-uploading attempted, or

    2) The photo is uploaded, but the system reduces it's size to fit into the thread (even if it's large). I've seen both of these happen.

    If anyone is still having problems uploading photos, please don't hesitate to send me a message, or you can even send me the photos, or links, and I can upload them for you; I'll be glad to help.

    Thanks and happy posting!

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