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    Are you selling prints as well, or just the paintings?


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      Just the originals right now, though there's a possibility that we'll break into prints sometime down the line, just not in the near future...


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        You the man, dude! I hope you continue your fabulous work. And hey, will there be a book of your work in the future? I'd love get one filled with your ballpark scenes.


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          Thanks for the compliments - I hope you keep enjoying it!! My agent and I are in initial talks for putting out some sort of book or catalog, but right now, I can't really say whether it's going to happen or not. I am certainly hoping that it will, as it's been kind of a dream. I also think I'll need to get many more paintings done over the next few years before we can seriously consider it. I gotta paint faster!!


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            ^ Cool. A book will happen when it's time. One way to think about it, when that time comes, is to give it a more specific theme than just general "baseball". Maybe it's all ballparks, or all guys in the Hall Of Fame, or just baseball images from the '50s. Just an idea. On second thought, it could simply be "Baseball" by Kreindler. Anyway, just thinking out loud.
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              Hey guys,

              Just thought I'd share these two pieces, as I've made a good amount of progress on both since I posted last time (I think I posted them here, that is...):

              Roger Maris, 10/1/61, 38" x 52"

              Babe Ruth, 6/25/20, 28" x 50"

              The Maris is ALMOST done, and probably needs a few hours of solid work to button things up. The Ruth, however, is a bit further off. But, I definitely like what's happening so far.

              Hope ya dig 'em!



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                Hey guys,

                Here's a bunch of stuff I've finished in the past couple of months. Hope ya enjoy!

                Lou Gehrig, 1936, 16" x 20"

                Eddie Bennett, 1921, 9" x 12"

                Pat Collins, 1926, 9" x 12"

                Derek Jeter, 2000, 11" x 14"

                Babe Ruth, June 25, 1920, 28" x 50"

                Eddie Collins, 1909, 9" x 12"

                Willie Mays, 1955, 9" x 12"

                Mickey Mantle, April 14, 1951, 9" x 12"

                Roger Maris, October 1, 1951, 38" x 52"

                Any comments, crits, problems, or tomatoes are always appreciated!




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                  Hey all,

                  For those of you who are interested, here are a few others I got back from the photographers semi-recently:

                  Stan Musial, 1942, 16" x 20"

                  Babe Ruth, November 4, 1934, 50" x 64"

                  And some in-progresses:

                  Mickey Mantle, May 14, 1955, 9" x 12"

                  Red Ruffing, 1936, 16" x 20"

                  Babe Ruth, 1918, 30" x 34"

                  Lou Gehrig, 1938, 18" x 24"

                  Hope y'all dig 'em!!



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                    Fabulous as always!!! Thanks for sharing!


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                      Thanks a lot, kpennington!!


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