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Is Camden Yards getting old?

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  • Went to agame last summer with the family and spent the money to buy tickets behind the visiting team dugout. Two on front row, two on second row. Well worth it.


    • I consider Camden Yards to be better than Rangers Ballpark and I am from Fort Worth.

      Camden Yards is open, breezy and just fine vs. the enclosed feeling you get when you go to Rangers Ballpark. It has some of the best sightlines in baseball and the best TV angles. It is a classic look taken to a new level in that just 20 years after it is built, it looks even older that it really is.

      The problem with ballparks today is that they are focusing attention away from the game. All of this play grounds, kids parks and food courts are really ruining the experience.

      All they are trying to do is make it more inviting to empty your wallets.

      For instance, you can't enter Rangers Ballpark from CF with a kid because he is going to start asking for money to play in the "travel by night" wiffleball park.

      You also can't walk through the CF area by yourself for fear of getting hit in the head with a wild pitch from the speed pitch or take a whack to the nuts from one of a million plastic wiffleball bats that they let the kids keep.

      That area was originally designed to be used for picnic tables and a "Cool" zone with fans and mist. Now it is just a big sno-cone stand with sticky crap everywhere along with head hunting balls and bats.

      The worst part about it is that the kids that go to the games don't give a rats behind about the game. That is why they don't know who the players are or imitate them on the playgrounds or sandlots.

      I have gone round and round with the Rangers Managment on this. They are ruining and losing their next generation of fans because the kids don't sit and watch the game with their dads, teams or coaches the way we did. They use the excuse and say that they went to the game when really, they went to the ballpark to play in a park and didn't see a single pitch.

      Camden Yards is a fans ballpark with baseball being the center of it all. Who cares that you can't see the field from the concourse or the food court?

      Ballpark food is overpriced and crappy quality anyways. At least here at Rangers Ballpark it is terrible.

      Eat before or after the game. At Rangers Ballpark, you can bring your own food in and that is what I would rather do anyway.

      The only good food at Rangers Ballpark is FREE FOOD!!!


      • On second thought, I re-tract that statement. It was rude, I'm sorry.

        I actually feel the same way about Ballparks (all across the Country (*coughComericaParkcough*)) becoming Amusements parks and not just a place for just baseball! If you want an Amusement park (while in Arlington at least) GO TO SIX FLAGS!!!!!!!! Its right next door!!!!! Problaby cost the same!!!

        If you come the The Ballpark In Arlington sit in your seat and let me teach you the game!
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        Texas Rangers: Estabalished 1972 (Arlington, Texas)

        Games played at The Ballpark In Arlington (est. 1994)

        World Series Titles: 0 (Damn you David Freese, DAMN YOU!)

        American League Pennants: 2 (2010, 2011)

        American League West Division Titles: 7 (1996, 1998, 1999, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016)

        American League Wild Card Berths: 1 (2012) (grumble)

        It will always be The Ballpark In Arlington to me


        • Would this redoing of the concrete be because the seats down the line were originally pointed straight out? When I went back in '93, it was a little tough to see home plate from the corners and down the lines.

          I hope the walkway remains from foul pole to foul pole.

          Those Umbrella pics show just what great sight lines that Camden has
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          • Originally posted by SultanOfWhat View Post
            Camden Yards still looks great to me, but I wish they would rip out that scoreboard and deck in RF and just have the field-level seats sweep right around to the foul pole. After all, the classic view is of the ballpark towards the warehouse, and it is somewhat diminished by the intruding scoreboard:

            Still a great-looking park, though:

            those are a bit obstructed. you cant see the right field corner.


            • Article with info on this winter's changes (new seats on the lower level) and future stuff:
              Stadium Google Map


              • I still love OPCY. It remains in my top 3 favs from around the majors.

                I like that the new seats have a slightly lighter shade of green from what they replaced. I swear that the original seats from 1992 were already replaced in the early 2000s, but I must be wrong.

                It's cool that they're exposing some of the steel work in the suites.

                The club level was definitely ready for an update last time I visited.

                Because this park was designed early enough in the new stadium era, HOK didn't overkill us on the suites and restricted access areas. The side attractions that keep people away from their seats during the game are minimal by todays standards.


                • Originally posted by RfkFedEx View Post
                  Because this park was designed early enough in the new stadium era, HOK didn't overkill us on the suites and restricted access areas. The side attractions that keep people away from their seats during the game are minimal by todays standards.
                  I agree, there isn't anything "gimmicky" about OPACY. Not to say all gimmicks are bad, (Stuff like Citi's Apple, the old Twins "handshake" sign at Target, and the big neon bell in CBP are great) but Camden is solely about the game. Nearly 20 years later its still among the best of the post-1990 parks.
                  Stadium Google Map


                  • watching the game on tv. It's nice to see the seats behind the plate packed with people.

                    The most recent parks have those the ultra expensive club seats behind the screen. Seems like a majority of the lower level club seats tend to to sit vacant most of the time. It's real bad here in DC.

                    I love the fact that Wrigley in Fenway are always packed shoulder to shoulder behind the screen.


                      Twenty Seven


                      • I never realized how new it feels like a 60s or 70s park to me when I watch. Has that classic feel.


                        • Heading down on the 27th for the Nats O's game, can't wait. Camden yards is always a great experience!


                          • Originally posted by Anubis2051 View Post
                            Heading down on the 27th for the Nats O's game, can't wait. Camden yards is always a great experience!
                            I hope we get a Strasburg appearance that wknd.

                            I'll be there on Sat the 26th. Just learned the Os will be honoring the 1970 ws champs that day.

                            I got a great deal on 8 seats together for way below face on Stubhub. The tix were $20 per after all taxes, etc. Section 55, lower level, 3rd base, under the overhang for shade. I'm bringing 12 guests total and we're having a pregame crab feast at the Harbor. I haven't been this stoked for a baseball game since Nats park opened, and the inaugural home game before that.

                            I still love Camden and I make up there all most every year.


                            • Originally posted by RfkFedEx View Post
                              I hope we get a Strasburg appearance that wknd.
                              Exactly why I purchased the tickets!! You got a great deal btw, I think I paid $15 a piece, uperdeck behind the plate. It's 1970's retro cap night, so that should be prety cool.


                              • Just went this weekend for the first time. Loved it. Would not change a thing. It's a Gem.

                                "Open Concources" are over rated. You go to a ball game to watch the game. They've become a vehicle to get fans to get up and continually spend money (at least in NYC, where I am).

                                I loved everything about it, including all the pictures of all Oriole teams since 1954. the Hall of Fame, Memorial Stadium Pictures, Replicas of Old All STar Games Lineup cards and Programs.
                                The B & O Warehouse. I've been to about 20 parks and this is #1.

                                Poor Orioles fans. Worst thing about the park is the team. They seem to have good young players, but every year they are treading water and losing. They deserve better.
                                Of course, they are in a tough neighborhood with the Yanks, Rays, BoSox and a Toronto team that hits.


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