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  • Originally posted by dstoffa View Post

    I was under the impression that those with disabilities could use those entrances... Those are the only ones, IIRC, that have elevator access at "street" level.
    There is also a small elevator off the JR Rotunda near that office where fans go to resolve ticketing issues (don’t know what it’s called but on the left side). That elevator will take you to field level where you can get another elevator if your seats aren’t on field level.


    • Willie Mays' #24 has been added to the retired numbers in the rafters.

      Frankly, I'm surprised. I thought there was going to be a proper "Willie Mays Number Retirement Day" ceremony next year, but apparently not.

      (Images taken from the Mets' official Facebook post.)
      If you've been wanting to send someone a thumbs-down, opportunity knocks! I'm now on Cameo, and I'm ready to send a personalized thumbs-down to anyone you want!


      • Originally posted by dstoffa View Post
        I guess if you get a trophy for winning something, you can hang a banner. I believe if every team starts putting up banners for earning a WC spot, it diminishes the value of the banner(s)..
        Personally - you put the banner up for your highest post season accomplishment that season.

        Unless you're the 94 Expos.


        The 24 looks good up in the Mets retired numbers. Willie played 1 1/2 seasons with the Mets. You almost forget about that.

        How many players have had their numbers retired by a team that they only played for when they were over 40 years old? Not many.


        • [QUOTE=Gary Dunaier;n3661692]Willie Mays' #24 has been added to the retired numbers in the rafters.

          Yes, they could have another Willie Mays night to retire the number, but the Old Timers Day ceremony with the disk unveiling serves as the ceremony.
          One of my first games ever was The Willie Mays night on September 25, 1973 (that 49 years ago, tomorrow)
          The number is beautiful Mets Blue and Orange. However, like the other older retired numbers, the Sun will transform the orange outline to pink!


          • Maybe MLB will move the Braves series to Citi because of the Hurricane. Mets would be the visiting team and bat first. It looks like they have to move it to another location


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