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  • Gwinnett Stadium

    Here are some pictures I took at the wonderful new Gwinnett Stadium home of the Atlanta Braves' AAA affiliate.

    Gwinnett County is conveniently located just up I-85 from Atlanta and Turner Field.

    It's a shame that the ballpark isn't located on I-85 so that these beauties could be seen beyond the field.

    No matter. The park looks pretty good and it's design is pretty unique.

    It wouldn't be Georgia baseball if there wasn't a Chick-fil-A tent!

    $15 to see the stars of tomorrow (strike out) up close!

    There is a large wall just beyond left field. You can stand at the top of it, but the fence is a little too high for comfortable viewing and the fact that it's not in play takes a little fun out of it.

    Beyond the fence that is beyond the fence that is beyond the fence is a hill where you can watch the game for free. You can even bring your dog!

    High above the right field foul line.

    A view from the berm beyond the visitor's bullpen.

    The game wasn't as interesting as the park so here's a view of a full parking lot as I make my escape.
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    Very nice pictures! Stadium looks much nicer than the dump near me in Fort Mill SC. I was going to say you should have bought tickets in the cheap seats and just move all the way down. But now looking at your photos I see they have tons of ushers there checking tickets! Whats up with that at a minor league game?!?!? At the Knights dump where I go to see games you can sit where ever you want as long as your not sitting in somebody's seat.

    And the Braves usually have great prospects so it must be a treat to see those games


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      Ushers and a Yankee Stadium style VIP section behind home plate that is separate from the rest of the "crowd!" Phil Niekro was down there at the game I went to. Probably the only person worthy of the space!

      I will definitely be berming it next time.


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        Not a bad park. I've seen some games on TV as Comcast Sports, for whatever reason, carries Gwinnett Braves games.

        It's still odd to consider Gwinnett County a Triple A market, as usually Triple A teams are located in midsized cities, but I guess it's close enough to the Atlanta metro area to create a fan base.


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          looks like a pretty nice park


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